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Meet Hair Guru Yuksel Sahin Of Yuksel Sahin Hair Salon 

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Yuksel Sahin


Meet Hair Guru Yuksel Sahin Of Yuksel Sahin Hair Salon 

Yuksel Sahin is an award winning hair stylist and the founder of the Yuksel Sahin Hair Salon in New York City. With over 20 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, he is a master hair stylist specializing in all kind of hair types. Today he spoke to Muzique about how he got his start and his charitable endeavors.

For readers who don’t already know, can you tell us about the start of Yuksel Sahin Hair Salon?  

I started my career in hair back in Turkey. My whole family is in the hair business. When I moved to New York at a young age, I opened my first salon alongside my brother on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Unfortunately, I lost my brother during the pandemic, but I have kept the business going strong. Recently I launched our own product line.  

You are the official hairstylist for Miss New York USA & Miss Teen USA. What advice do you have for aspiring Miss New York USA contestants when it comes to their hair?  

We work with many girls involved in the Miss New York USA competition. Everything from what type of gown to hair colour, to their specific hair style or extensions. How their hair looks is an especially important part of the competition. We work to make the girls look and feel their best so they are their best self on the stage.  

Over the years you have made a significant impact in the hair donation community, helping many female cancer patients gain back their confidence with human hair wigs. Please could you tell us more about this?  

Over the years I have helped with many cancer patients who have perhaps lost their hair. We help with shorter cuts, wigs, and hair donations to patients. This work is extremely rewarding & I love helping others in need.  

What were your biggest challenges in getting Yuksel Sahin Hair Salon up and running? What are your biggest challenges today? 

During COVID I was forced to shut my salon. Many of my long term clients moved out of New York City. Many changes happened during this time. I recently reopened the salon at a new location.  

What is your favorite part about running your own salon? 
Interacting with my incredible clients on a daily basis and being a part of making them beautiful from the inside out.  

Where can readers purchase Yuksel Sahin hair products? 

I recently launched my plant powered hair line that is currently available for purchase in store & online.  

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Yuksel Sahin Plant Based Hair Products

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