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Meet Gayana Founder Gayana Artashesyan

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Meet Gayana Founder Gayana Artashesyan

Gayana Artashesyan is the founder of Gayana, a luxury scarf brand

Please tell our readers more about the brand name   

The brand name came from my name – Gayana.  

(Word gaia comes from Greek- “earth goddess” and in Hindi it means a Song, Singing, a chant…) 

Why did you decide to start Gayana ?  

While painting I discovered the love for creating patterns, shapes and repetitions that create stories that bring emotions. These patterns started becoming “self-sufficient” and “the art started claiming its own territory”- the patterns started finishing themselves.    

Artworks took on a life of their own. The best medium that could finish the patterns and give them borders was a new type of canvas for me- a SCARF. 

The patterns are like MUSIC to me, different tones creating different emotions. 

I am an artist, I have a degree in accessory design. ( I also have a degree in law) 

Every artist out there knows the struggle to stay true to oneself.  We don’t always trust ourselves and our paths. 

We have doubts, so the inner dialogue is very important. 

It was a deep struggle to stay true to myself and continue my passage as an artist. It is how YOU SEE yourself not your circumstances that define you. 

My LOVE for oil painting persevered and landed me exhibitions in Rome, Venice, Gubbio, St. Petersburg, Turkey and etc.  

Today I am proud to say that one of my works is in in the Vatican’s art collection


  I love the movement of the fabric. There is something very liberating to see a scarf in the wind or in the air. Motion.  Rhythm. FreedomI love to see my scarves – worn in different ways.  

 I felt very confined growing up, searching for ways to express my creativity – my full circle is MY BRAND-my fabric of life unfolding- my inner world stories on squares!  

The scarf is my truth and my FREEDOM! 

I am working on a project of purpose- the scarf being a symbol of empowerment- will tell you more in our next interview. 

I am very much “old school” when it comes to quality -sustainability, repurposing, and not mass consumption. Slow fashion is the way to appreciate the product more and to save the world from being overstocked. We all need a break from mass and overproduction and turn from the quality to quantity and start being more responsible of and understanding quality, educating oneself and thinking about items we purchase,   

Their meaning and the impact our behaviour has on the environment. We also need to preserve our environment that is so delicate and intricate. 

  I chose Italy to produce my scarves in, because of its history and centuries of experience; for its artistic sensibility, and storytelling through ages. 

It is the artisanal attention to detail passed down through generations, the secrets of craftsmanship through centuries- the quality- I LOVE bold colors and that needs manufacturing that can produce such vibrancy and attention paid to details- like the hand sewn and hand rolled edges- hems of each scarf- all produced in the Lake Como region and are 100% silk. 

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Italian Singer / Songwriter Paola Di Leo wearing a Gayana scarf

Where do you draw inspiration from?  

I love to observe and discover

I love to read. 

I love details. 

I love history that brings us back to a time and place that can enrich us, that we can learn from and add to our experience. 

I love nature and its intricate delicacy. 

I love to highlight a MOMENT and tell a story around it. I sketch in pencil and the shapes start forming…. 


Maybe we end on a music note? 

I am constantly working on creating new designs, I always have more ideas unfold and I love to make my imagination come true and become a beautiful story on an elegant silk square. 

Where can our readers purchase your scarves? 

On our website: 

On Instagram @gayanaus 

And at selected retailers coming soon! 

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