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D-Sane Comes Back “To The Top” With His New Single

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D-Sane Comes Back “To The Top” With His New Single

Seattle rapper D-Sane is back after taking a bit of a hiatus from active mic ripping. the emcee/producer/label head/ entrepreneur has had a lot of things on his plate for the last few years, from running his Digital Age Sound studio, to heading up Street Level Records, to just being a guiding force in the careers of many Seattle artists and being a sounding board, mentor and OG on the scene. but even with all of that, the itch to create and perform good music never goes away, and D-sane is back to let people know to not get it twisted, he STILL has the skills of a top level artist, and proves it with To The Top.
with Jazz Digga on the hook, and a club anthemic beat, D-Sane lets everyone know in no short terms that he is hungry and talented and will grind till the wheels fall off. a great song for poppin bottles or getting your workout on. the beat is hype, but the lyrics have meaning and motivation…

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