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Gungor releases “Love Song To Life,” a new album that reminds us that love has the power to bring people together and heal our deepest wounds

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Gungor releases “Love Song To Life,” a new album that reminds us that love has the power to bring people together and heal our deepest wounds

Gungor’s latest album, “Love Song to Life,” brings fans a psychedelic journey and a powerful lyrical experience.

(Los Angeles, CA) November 11th, 2022– Grammy-nominated Gungor announces the release of their new album, “Love Song To Life,” an album that will lift fans’ spirits and remind them of the beauty in this world. Set to the vibrations of their signature psychedelic gospel sound, the album is a toast to compelling and transformative stories of hope, redemption, and spirituality.

Gungor’s music is deeply rooted in inclusivity and understanding, inviting listeners to experience a journey toward acceptance and nonconformity. “Love Song To Life” is a testament to their commitment to creating music that inspires and uplifts. Michael states, “This album is not just the recollections of the homecoming, but an invitation into it. It’s a record that avoids specific dogmas and philosophies and serves as a simple invitation to fall in love with Life as it is right now.”

Recently frontman Michael Gungor read the classic book “The Alchemist” for the first time. In that story, this is a young man who goes on a quest to find his “personal legend.” He learns to follow his heart and to trust the universe to bring him to where he needs to go, which (spoiler warning) ends up being back to where he started. But he needed the entire journey to see “home” with clear eyes and an open heart. Michael describes “Love Song To Life” as an album that resonates with the book. Michael states, “This album feels like a homecoming after a long, terrifying, painful, and wonderful adventure.”

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With psychedelic beats and emotionally-charged melodies that transcend daily, Gungor’s music will move fans and leave them feeling connected and inspired.

Whether you’re drawn to the psychedelic gospel sounds of “A Million I’s,” which exudes healing energy of acceptance paired with infectious beats, or inspired by the raw and emotional lyrics of “I Still Love You,” Gungor’s “Love Song To Life” is sure to give you a glimpse into the transformative world of Gungor and leave you feeling renewed and ready to face your day filled with love, hope, and joy.

“Love Song To Life” is a must-listen for anyone looking to be transported into a transcendent world of boundless possibility. Gungor’s new album is a musical experience that will awaken your soul, elevate your spirit, and move you in ways you never thought possible. Written from a place of presence and clarity, “Love Song To Life” is awareness-calling awareness. Deep calling the deep. Spirit loving and remembering itself. Michael explains, “My hope is that your deepest heart will be felt and remembered as you listen to it. This record is surely the most light-hearted and playful I’ve ever made, but playful in the most sacred sense of the word. We play because, in that play, we find the true essence of love.”

Most importantly, “Love Song To Life” reveals the band’s unique tone and sound ability. Led by frontman and mastermind Michael Gungor, the album is a vessel for their continued dedication to creating music that reaches and resonates with fans worldwide.

Whether you’re a psychedelic gospel lover or an indie-rock fan, this album has something for everyone. Filled with tremendous creativity and talent, Gungor’s latest will position the band as a force in the recording industry. Frontman Michael Gungor spent his childhood in a religious household; Michael states, “Growing up in a Christian purity culture took a lot of time to heal from, so I have a lot of interest in using my music, story, and other creative media to help people embrace their full human experience.”

“Love Song To Life” defines his signature sound and highlights topics such as the relationship between spirituality, psychedelics, and sex. As Michael puts it, “I believe that psychedelic experiences are an important part of the human experience. They can help us open our minds and hearts to new possibilities, and they have been used in spiritual practices for millennia.” Michael also believes the psychedelic experiences can be compelling and are a great way to “push back against the limitations of our day-to-day experience.”

“Love Song To Life” is available on major music platforms. For information about Gungor and upcoming projects, visit their website.

About Gungor

Gungor is the epitome of creativity and authenticity. Created by Michael Gungor, a nondual spiritual teacher, author, and podcaster with two podcasts underway. One that is award-winning, called “The Liturgists,” which, at its height, had millions of downloads, and the second podcast is called “Loving THIS.”

Michael has been featured in USA Today, NPR, and more, and fans can hear his music featured in different commercials and trailers. Michael is now thriving with the upcoming relaunch of his band “Gungor” and album, “Love Song to Life.” When speaking about their latest album, Michael shares, “We’ve put everything we have into this record. We sold our last investment property to pay for it. We’re all on it. And not just in trying to make it work as a business but because we see it as a calling. This music is not just entertainment for us. It’s not just our job. It’s how we listen to and flow with the River. It’s our legend. I hope you enjoy it.”

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