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Chris Ianuzzi Releases “Live In Today” and “Funtastic Hellos”

Chris Ianuzzi
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Chris Ianuzzi Releases “Live In Today” and “Funtastic Hellos”

New York City-based electronic artist, composer, and producer Chris Ianuzzi releases a brand-new double single, “Live In Today” and “Funtastic Hellos,” two appetizers for his forthcoming album.

Talking about “Live In Today, Chris says, “‘Live In Today’ is a ‘Good Morning’ look at the world that we’ve been living in over the past year. Between the Covid Lockdown and Trump, etc.”

Whereas “Funtastic Hellos” is a milled remix of Chris’ previously released track, “Hello.”

Chris’ musical career began when he heard a Moog synthesizer at a music store, sparking a childhood memory experienced while at the dentist. Ever since then, he’s been creating music, serving as an electronic creative associate for Suzanne Ciani, working with Vangelis, Peter Baumann (ex-Tangerine Dream member), The Puppets, and Freeze.

While all this was going on, Chris was developing his own unique sound and writing skills, along with recording two albums with Sluka. After returning to NYC, he composed scores for HBO’s Earth to Moon series, followed by releasing his EP, Olga in a Black Hole, and his album, Planetaria.

ReGen Magazine stated that Chris’ music “makes the statement that he’s here to revel in a new future.’ Ultimately, this is headphone music at its finest.”

“Live In Today” travels on swirling, glitching coloration riding a pulsing throb as various voices inject tight tones. An eerie, groveling voice enters, imbuing the tune with melodic rapping-like timbres, followed by the tune assuming dark industrial flavors, topped by dreamy, filtered voices.

“Slipped through the windows high like a kite / Nobody told me that the fire so bright / Lost with no soul the cackle horns stay / Damn ignorance, now the sparrows will play.”

“Funtastic Hellos” opens on thick, heavy colors rolling into a percolating, vibrating melody. A thumping kick-drum supports glitching vocals and sonic infusions rippling with neo-industrial rifts. The feel of the tune encompasses frenetic ultra-modern momentum, mirroring the velocity of technological innovations.

“Live In Today” and “Funtastic Hellos” surge on riffling layers of sound, forming wild soundscapes full of stimulating amalgamations of reverberations.

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