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“Brother:” A Permanent Shadow’s Heartfelt Ode to a Guardian Angel

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“Brother:” A Permanent Shadow’s Heartfelt Ode to a Guardian Angel

Ever heard of phantom limbs? That feeling where something that’s not there still feels undeniably real? That’s kind of the vibe you get when you dive into A Permanent Shadow‘s new single, Brother. CP Fletcher, the mastermind behind this unique musical collective, has poured heart and soul into this track. Set to hit the airwaves this Friday, November 3rd, this isn’t just a song; it’s an emotional journey that gives a deeper insight into CP’s soul.

Brother is a curious mix of Indie-Pop and Post-Punk, but it’s more than just its genre. CP crafted this track around the absence of a brother, a life he never got to share. It’s about those “what could have been” moments, a walk down a nostalgic lane that never really existed, and dealing with an uncertain future. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill song; it’s deeply personal, like a letter to someone who was never there but always felt.

The lyrics are haunting:

My father didn’t want you to see the light of day
My mother was too weak to have her own way
So out with you, they took you from her womb…..
I never walk alone you see
Coz you’re always here with me
Though I can’t see you I can feel
My brother who was not to be

“I feel a sense of sadness for not having a brother, but I’m fortunate to have a beloved sister,” CP admits. “I celebrate my brother’s enduring spirit, which I believe is always with me.” This song is his first public nod to a guardian angel he believes has been watching over him. It’s about those almost-moments, the shared life he imagines in an alternate universe.

The song explores other deeper topics too. From loss and acceptance, parental decisions, and abortion to companionship and spiritual connection, CP is exploring some weighty issues. And it’s not just about his vision and feelings; it’s the culmination of the collective’s shared passion, dedication, and talent.

A Permanent Shadow has been making waves in Barcelona for years, and not just any waves. Technically they’re a band, but not in the traditional sense. CP Fletcher is the constant here, and around him orbits a galaxy of musicians and producers. They’ve got their own rhythm, a beat that’s hard to put a label on. Brother is no exception… Think early 80s New Wave, but with a twist. It’s catchy, sure, but it’s also rich in percussive details that make you want to move. CP Fletcher and his crew can’t wait to share it with the world. They’re all about exploring new musical horizons, and this song is a testament to that dedication.

While Brother stands out on its own, it’s also a sneak peek into something bigger. A Permanent Shadow is working on a full-length LP, and Brother is our first taste. CP, joined by his long-term collaborators Valentí Nieto and Albert Català, is venturing into new territories. Gone is the familiar; in comes a guitar-driven sound that’s bound to intrigue and captivate. If Brother is any indication, the LP promises to dive into all kinds of themes, both personal and geopolitical. It’s not just music; it’s storytelling.

As with previous records, A Permanent Shadow is taking listeners for a ride that takes the road less traveled, musically speaking. Get ready to feel all the feels and maybe even discover a few new ones along the way.

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