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Big Baby’s Sugary Sweet EP – ‘Fizzy Cola’

Big Baby
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Big Baby’s Sugary Sweet EP – ‘Fizzy Cola’

Meet Big Baby, the indie-pop/twee-pop outfit hailing from Richmond, Virginia, who at the beginning of the year released their largely unheralded EP, Fizzy Cola, which deserved more attention.

Made up of Ali Mislowsky (guitar, vocals), Chris Smith (guitar), and Brandon Iqbal (drums), Big Baby’s sound shimmers with syrupy textures, gleaming guitar notes, glossy percussion, and the satisfying crystalline airiness of Ali’s fragrant voice.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mitch Clem at Go West Studio, the EP encompasses six-tracks, beginning with “Cherry Coke,” opening on creamy, glittering guitars riding a cashmere rhythm topped by Ali’s scrummy tones. Then the song mousses up to fuzzy wall-of-sound muscle accented by sparkling guitars rolling out on driving dream-pop-like energy.

“Tough” travels on a darker, brawny rhythm crowned by shiny guitar coloration. Ali’s voice infuses the lyrics with a bubbling intensity reminiscent of The Go-Go’s, only more lustrous and platinum-colored.

“It’s Funny” takes on a sing-song rhythm, gooey with bristly guitars, while burnished notes interweave through the melody. Ali’s plush, dreamy timbres give the lyrics gentle melancholic tangs. “Hate U” ripples forth on sticky saccharine flavors imbued with pulsating momentum.

“String of Pearls” features lustrous leitmotifs emanating from the lead guitar, filling the tune with luminous patterns. A bit deeper on this track, Ali’s voice injects the lyrics with delicious washes of heady scents, conveying luxurious filaments of sonority, narrating the pull of affection on memory.

“Mid-June” pushes out rinses of nostalgic hues riding on wavelets chock-full of wistful opulence, while Ali recalls the preceding delightful moments of last summer.

“Mid-afternoon in Mid-June / I wish I could go back there with you.”

Simultaneously charming and pensive, as well as alluring, on Fizzy Cola, Big Baby dishes out silky smooth twee-pop capped by the grand, graceful voice of Ali Mislowsky.

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