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Album Premiere: Cheryl B. Engelhardt Releases Enchanting ‘A Seeker’s Slumber’

Cheryl B. Engelhardt
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Album Premiere: Cheryl B. Engelhardt Releases Enchanting ‘A Seeker’s Slumber’

Singer-songwriter Cheryl B. Engelhardt introduces her dazzling, ethereal new album, A Seeker’s Slumber.

Written, arranged, engineered, and performed by Cheryl B. Engelhardt, A Seeker’s Slumber features Joanie Leeds, the 2020 Grammy winner, along with SNL drummer Shawn Pelton, and the 37 members of Cheryl’s independent musician collective AMPLIFY.  

Cheryl’s 2020 album, Luminary, was named “Best New Age Album of 2020” by New Age Music Guide, and A Seeker’s Slumber reveals Cheryl’s evolving sound, a sound created to reduce stress and instill emotional and spiritual equilibrium.

The album escorts listeners through a day of awakening, conflict, resolution, release, rest, reflection, remembrance, and ultimately, relaxation.

Encompassing 10-tracks, the album begins with “Ithaca,” opening on a gently sparkling piano silhouetted by delicious emerging colors and radiant harmonies. As the piano takes on resonance, the melody ascends on surges of floating hues.

Speaking subjectively, highlights include “Awæcnian,” featuring gorgeous sighing tones, followed by the entry of Cheryl’s crystalline, translucent voice. A mid-tempo dream-pop rhythm gives the tune a luscious flow as creamy washes of timbres glide overhead.

The drifting, humming milieu of “Unwind” merges dark, thrumming harmonic surfaces with lustrous fountains of diaphanous harmonies. As the music builds, Cheryl’s voice assumes potent tonal textures reminiscent of Amy Lee, swelling with plush coloration.

“Mother Gaia,” featuring Joanie Leeds and Chava Mirel, offers intertwining patinas of sumptuous harmonies, akin to warm operatic fusions. At once alluring, tantalizing, and enchanting, this track exudes suggestions of the Empyrean.

Delicate chiming tinges riding on oozing sheens of glowing currents imbue “Temperance” with marvelous calming imminence. The final track, “Sopor,” travels on surfacing filaments of polished platinum suffusions as a lofty voice infuses the orchestral-like music with brilliantly coruscating tendrils.

Awash in exquisite layers of sound and silky, captivating vocals, A Seeker’s Slumber diffuses sonic textures of seductive beauty.

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