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After A Car Accident with Charles Emmett Harris

After A Car Accident with Charles Emmett Harris
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After A Car Accident with Charles Emmett Harris

After A Car Accident with Charles Emmett Harris

If you have been involved in an accident but have walked away from it with no scratch, it doesn’t mean that you are ready to get back to driving. The accident is going to have a psychological effect on you. This is why experts recommend dealing with the issue before you start driving again.

After being involved in car accidents, some drivers choose to be more cautious when driving. This is a normal reaction that is going to subside within a month. The reaction is understandable because the accident is still fresh in the mind of the driver. The steps below from Charles Emmett Harris are going to help you get back your confidence and get back on the road in no time.

Writing down how the accident happened from start to end

At first, your memory may be a jumble, but noting everything down in chronological order is going to help you recover. When you write the narrative of the accident, it is going to help in dealing with your emotions and facing the trauma. With this approach, you are going to repeat the exercise until the thought of the accident is no longer upsetting you.

Avoid keeping it to yourself

Talk to your friends, family, and anyone willing to listen about your experience because it is going to help in easing the fear and anxiety – you get the chance of getting the intrusive thoughts out of your head. If you want it to be helpful, make sure you talk more about how you survived the accident and you are now safe.

Bringing another driver, the first time you drive after the accident

You are going to feel safer because there is someone to help you if things get too overwhelming. The other person can get behind the wheel when it too hard for you. You can bring someone along a couple of times before you start driving alone. The number of times you need someone is going to depend on how you feel about driving. Use your comfort level to determine when to start driving alone.

Starting out with short and undemanding drives

When an athlete is coming back from an injury, they usually begin by easing back into their routine. A good approach for you is to drive in less stressful situations as you gain confidence behind the wheel. You can then go for more stressful situations until you reach the point you were before the accident. Use the tips in this article and you will find yourself driving through a stressful situation and stay safe.

Don’t avoid the crash site

It is counterproductive to slow down your speed or change your route because you feel nervous. When you do this, you feed the anxiety, which can make things even worse for you. If you are finding it hard to return to your normal, driving-wise, then consider other treatments. Some of them include traditional and cognitive behavior therapies.

Considering a defensive driving course

When you sharpen your skills, you are going to be more confident and assured when driving. The anxiety is going to decrease because you will be back in your car without anything bad happening. The course will help a driver recognize and analyze developing situations they consider to be dangerous, and also providing proactive procedures that will help in minimizing other risks.



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