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5 Things fashion stores can learn from the Marcoahz brand

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5 Things fashion stores can learn from the Marcoahz brand

The successful fashion business owner Marco Antonio Henriquez Moreno owns the clothing line Macroahz. He wishes to share 5 things that fashion store owners can learn from in order to peak in his success.

Marco Antonio began his fashion career at the age of just  11 years old. He always knew that he had a passion for fashion, which is what got him into buying and selling online. Marco Antonio started out by selling bags, accessories, and clothes on platforms such as eBay and grafted hard to get where he is today.

His hard work paid off as his success grew with his own clothing line Macroahz. He first opened 3 stores in Gijon Asturias and then shortly after he opened a store in the United Kingdom. The 22 year old has big plans to expand in Dubai, once the coronavirus has cleared.

Marco Antonio goes by the motto that creating clothes that are mainly flattering is important.

Why? Because he is a man that loves to give confidence to people and make them feel happy in their own clothes. To him, fashion is very important in our everyday lives and he also believes in equal opportunity and rights for everybody.

However, at some point, Marco Antonio wasn’t just a fashion business owner. He also had two successful travel blogs before he sold them to a friend and he was an aspiring fashion model. The modeling career was short-lived, for he grew up in the Dominican Republic, where there weren’t many opportunities and agencies to open doors to the modeling world.

The fashion guru still didn’t give up on his dreams, which is why he moved to the United Kingdom in order to expand and show the world his modern, stylish, and luxurious brand, Macroahz. Since he is still at the peak of his career and strongly believes in financial education, he wanted to share some advice to the young, like-minded, fashion business owners out there.

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Here are 5 tips that Marco Antonio wishes to share with aspiring business owners:

Make it unique

You are about to enter a multi-billion dollar industry that is ever-growing. So what is it that makes you stand out? Your brand, products, and store all together needs to have a niche that can make a difference to your target audience. The best way to brainstorm and find that is to see what are the current trends and needs that people need to buy. Are you aiming at just females? Will your clothes be unisex? What are the age range, style, and ethical core of your brand?

Use social media

Whether you like it or not, social media is a powerful tool to use for this generation. It is practically free advertising and you can contact ambassadors to wear and promote your products on their pages. You need a clever marketing strategy that can build followers to your page. This can be done with positive reviews about your products and trying to get a strong point across by explaining what the benefits of your products are. Good photography is also important, for social media apps such as Instagram is solely based on that.

Think ahead of time

As you know, fashion is forever changing, but most trends are usually recycled after a couple of years. You have to think ahead of what fashion trends you want to market to your audience; by always paying attention to what they are looking for. If you try to set a fashion trend ahead of time and use attractive visual merchandising in your store, you can bring your fashion brand a great success.

Use the right suppliers

Your business will not survive if you do not use the right suppliers. Your business has to be consistent in all sectors and you have to deliver your products to your customers on time. Consistency is key, so you need to make sure that whoever you choose as a supplier is legitimate, professional, and great at time management.

Be clear with your goals

It is easier said than done when it comes to choosing what you want to do. However, you have to be honest with yourself and clarify exactly what you want to get from this business, your demographic audience, and how far ahead you want to run this business. You may not have enough money to start up a business, which is why you need a clear plan and proposal in order to propose your idea for angel investors or the government in order to give you a loan. However, you have to be ready that there is a chance that your business may not be as successful as you want it to be and there may be some financial loss.



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