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Xanny Luck Drops Visual Aspect For His Hot New Song “Cellular”

Xanny Luck
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Xanny Luck Drops Visual Aspect For His Hot New Song “Cellular”

Often known as the hot spot for hip hop music artists, New Jersey is home to Xanny Luck, a thriving young artist looking to punch his ticket to the top of the music industry. With a unique combination of abilities and the capacity to produce any music, Xanny Luck has risen above his peers and is ready for his moment in the spotlight. Dialed in more than ever before, Xanny Luck recently dropped his latest music video for “Cellular,” and it is a must-watch.

Xanny Luck’s “Cellular” music video shot by Rari Digital takes you on a visual trip from start to finish. Rari Digital’s work accentuates the song with well-timed neon distortions that give an otherworldly sense and makes Xanny appear to be not from planet Earth. As Xanny Luck takes us through his life with his distinctive poetry, it becomes clear to see he has a one-of-a-kind lyrical ability. Xanny Luck and Rari Digital are able to convey a story from beginning to end with only a few key places, demonstrating the absolute brilliance both artists of their respective disciplines have at their disposal.

The “Cellular” music video, directed by Rari Digital, is a significant step forward in Xanny Luck’s early career. If he keeps going down this route and touches up his skills throughout his career, there’s no knowing how big of an impact he could have on the music industry. One thing is for sure; you won’t want to miss out on his ascension to the top.

Follow Xanny Luck on Instagram here and stream his music on Spotify here.

Watch the “Cellular” music video on YouTube:

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