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Osiris The Skater Proves He Has What It Takes In New Single “Motion”

Osiris The Skater
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Osiris The Skater Proves He Has What It Takes In New Single “Motion”

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois is rising hip hop artist Osiris The Skater who is eager to cement his spot amongst some of the top talent in the music industry. Ever since he can remember, Osiris has been hammered with the importance of discipline and staying focused on his goals. With his mental clarity of the direction he needs to go and the work ethic to follow suit, it is only a matter of time before Osiris reaches his final destination. Until then he plans to continue to work hard every single day and recently dropped a new single called “Motion” showing off the progress that he has been making as an artist.

Osiris The Skater’s latest song, “Motion,” delivers a unique vibe and summer feel that will put you in a trance. As Osiris’ harmonious flow hits the rhythm, he talks about the desire to get things moving with the females in his life. He is willing to put in the pain for her, but he wants to know if she will be there for him in the long term and when he needs her the most. He’ll offer her the world if she can keep it together, but until then he isn’t tripping over it.

With his eyes set on the future, he doesn’t have room for anyone who is playing games. Osiris is invested in himself, and he needs someone to be the same way for the vibe to be right, and until he finds that he won’t put anything into motion. Be sure to stay up to date with Osiris The Skater as there is plenty more on the way.

Stream Osiris The Skaters “Motion” on Spotify here.

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