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Varun Datta Attempts A Fresh Start With “New Days”

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Varun Datta Attempts A Fresh Start With “New Days”

Most already know Varun Datta by his entrepreneurial skills and various successful businesses he has started. Just recently, the entrepreneur has decided to take a new turn to pursue a music career. This year he released his first song called “New Days,” which made a statement about the new producer’s music journey. 

While Varun Datta’s many supporters were surprised about the move, they soon were impressed by the quality of “New Days.” The track’s quality sounds like something you would hear from major label signees like Porter Robinson or Deadmou5. Varun Datta is starting his career off on the right foot with this extraordinary first impression and could have a bright future ahead.

Stream Varun Datta’s “New Day” on Spotify here. Follow Varun Datta on Instagram here.

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