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Savanna Rey Drops Hot New Single “Bounce”

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Savanna Rey Drops Hot New Single “Bounce”

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Savanna Rey is looking to transition her massive 1,300,000 Instagram followers into music streams. Previously, she has been around the world of modeling, but recently Savanna has decided that she wants to chase her childhood dream of making music.

Bounce” is Savanna’s first single that she’s released on Spotify and is the perfect kick back and chill out song. The calming yet techno-based beat leaves you feeling more relaxed than a track ever has before. Perfect for pre-games or settling down after a night out, “Bounce” is essential for everyone’s playlist.

Working and continually finding ways to make her music better is what Savanna spends most of her days doing. She’s seen previous success in the digital headspace, so she knows what it takes to get to where she needs to be.

Stream Savanna Rey’s “Bounce” on Spotify here.
Follow Savanna on Instagram here.

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