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UNFOWND MUSIK Is Attracting The Hottest Up and Coming Artist

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UNFOWND MUSIK Is Attracting The Hottest Up and Coming Artist

UNFOWND MUSIK is swiftly taking the music industry by storm. The founders Jason and Justin La Ferla are identical twin brothers with a keen ear for talent. Working for Arista Records’ promotion department and starting an artist management company called 2WINZ Entertainment gave them an enormous amount of knowledge about the music business at an early age. Throughout the years they have focused on studying the vital characteristics of major artists. This has allowed them to implement proprietary systems for their signed artists in order to rapidly scale up within the music industry.

UNFOWND MUSIK intends on discovering the most elite up-and-coming or unknown artists/producers. Their main focus is Hip-Hop, Emo, Electronic, Pop, Phonk, and Alternative genres. Currently, UNFOWND MUSIK has one of the most rapidly growing playlists on Spotify, U.F.M MUSIK. U.F.M MUSIK is the hub for their young talent to get recognized quickly on a global scale. While UNFOWND MUSIK is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia they focus on talent around the globe. Having such a keen ear for talent has allowed UNFOWND MUSIK the ability to discover artists 2 to 3 before blowing up. A few artists they found when nobody was listening to them are The Weeknd, Odesza, and A. Chal.

Being signed to UNFOWND MUSIK is a luxury for any young artist. Their vast resources, proprietary systems, and network is the distinguishing aspect between them and other record labels. Having been founded in 2022, it is immensely impressive the outreach they’ve had to the music industry in a short amount of time. You can check out their playlist, U.F.M MUSIK on Spotify. Be sure to reach out to the team through their Instagram if you’re a young artist looking for global exposure.

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