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Ness The Kid’s Mega Hip-Hop Success

Ness The Kid’s Mega Hip-Hop Success
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Ness The Kid’s Mega Hip-Hop Success

The path to success is often filled with failures. But for some like ‘Ness The Kid’, it’s the most fun and exciting journey of their lifetime!

19 Year Old Ness The Kid is the hot name in town! What does he do? Well, he has become a wildly popular name in the Hip-Hop industry. Ness, a recording artist from Long Island, New York has vigilantly and quickly carved out a niche to make a name for himself.

The songs of Ness The Kid have hit the crowd’s emotions positively and Gen Z wants to hear more from the kid. Ness’s debut single ‘Molly Girl’ is a melodious and energy-packed combination of rap, melody, and hip-hop. In the song, he speaks about a brutal break-up but then spinning it into a positive. The song hit home in the Fortnite gaming scenario with more than 10,000 videos made with Molly Girl in the background.

Ness The Kid’s Mega Hip-Hop Success
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Ness amassed a whopping 5 million streams last year across various platforms. Major names of the industry Elevator and No Jumper did not step back from featuring and applauding the works of the 19-year-old emerging hip-hop bigwig.

The song ‘Love Me’ accumulated over 1.2 million streams on Spotify is one of his best performances of all time. “Ness The Kid, a 19-year-old artist out of Huntington, Long Island has been getting massive recognition recently from his songs “Stacked Up” & “Love Me” as they have accumulated millions of streams on Soundcloud and across other platforms. Ness is truly in his own lane, with his distinct sound & unique look, he really should be looking forward”, said Elevating Sounds.

Ness loves to engage with fans on his social handles. He is working on some massive projects which are expected to gain a hefty number of views and news headlines in the coming year. One of them includes a collaboration with Fetty Wap as well, a sneak-peak of which was shared by Ness The Kid on social media.

The fans love him because he has charm, style, and is driven to bring a change to the industry. His music has proved it time and time again. And you know what the best part about all of this is, it’s that Ness is just warming up!

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