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The Journey To Empowerment: Our Full Interview with The Quantum Plane

The Journey To Empowerment: Our Full Interview with The Quantum Plane
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The Journey To Empowerment: Our Full Interview with The Quantum Plane

Quantum, how did your interest in music develop?

Since I was around four or five I have always had an interest in music. It was frequently played in my household as well as at my great grandmother’s home where I spent a lot of my childhood time growing up. So I’ve always been a fan of music from listening to Motown Records to No Limit Records.

You are a creative songwriter. At what age did you start writing songs?

It wasn’t until I was 12 that I began writing my own songs. I started off writing poetry after I lost my great-grandmother the prior year. That was my way of expressing myself through music and I enjoyed performing in school plays and talent shows.

It is really a difficult task to put the feelings into the words. What motivates you to write the songs?

Every day I find motivation in the world around me or thoughts in my head realistically to come up with songs but I don’t act on it. I spent any of the last years finding myself not writing as much as I did in my past. The motivation is still there but I had other things blocking me from that I had to overcome.

Understandable, glad you’re back. Your fans are eager to know about your musical journey. Please tell us how did you land into the “industry” world of music?

That’s funny, I don’t really have a direct answer for that because I have still yet to find myself making to the industry destination. I had many detours and delays along this journey so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was still a long road ahead of me after I land. How I got here to where I am today though is because of my engagement and interactions on Instagram.

The Journey To Empowerment: Our Full Interview with The Quantum Plane
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The Journey To Empowerment: Our Full Interview with The Quantum Plane

We will surely get into the social media topic soon, but I want to ask, You have given powerful and yet touching lyrics in your songs such as a bar from “The Teaser 2” where you say and I repeat “growing up you was using old socks for your snotty nose, while trying to turn your jar of Pennie’s into a pot of gold? Would you care to elaborate on that?

Great question, I’ll be glad to deliver on that.  Metaphorically speaking some parts of growing up was a bit rough for us, especially after my grandmother passed my mother did the best she could to manage and take care of the both of us.

My mother was definitely a certified hustler and that’s what inspired me to find ways to go out and get it. She had to scrape up what she had to put food on the table so we could eat and have a smile on our face at the end of the day. Turning those jars of Pennie’s into a pot of gold

So, the curiosity of fans is mounting. What is your new EP going to be about?

This Project I want to give the audience pure emotions, vibes and inspiration. I’ve been a fan of Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye and The Isley Brothers since birth so I definitely want to draw in some inspiration from those guys on this album. I’m sure it’ll be difficult clearing samples at this stage of my career but who knows maybe an opportunity will arise that I’ll be able to get a feature from one of the mentioned greats that’s still living.

The response of the viewers and audience plays a monumental part in inspiring a performer. How do you anticipate the audience’s feedback to your future EP compared to previous work?

The audience will get to hear the growth and development in the music. The topics are more down-to-earth, the flow is more elevated and the lyrics are even more meaningful than before. Just as I was a fan of Motown I’m also a fan of amazing lyricists and songwriters like Eminem, 50 Cent, Big Sean, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Cassidy, Jada, Fab, even was a Bow Wow fan back in the days  and the list goes on

What did you start your career with? What was the pioneering step you took in the field of music? Was it songwriting or rapping?

I started my career with a dollar and a dream literally. The steps I took was writing for myself and others to get feedback from my peers about my music. Had several rap groups I’ve started and affiliated with in the past.

Worked with some independent labels and producers from basement studios to 5 star establishments but the sound could still come out the same based on the equipment and engineer. I learned different things just by observing other artists and people around me to help shape some of my decisions as well.

What other areas of performing art do you want to work in? Any plans to step into the acting field?

I do plan to step into the acting field God willing. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I enjoy watching movies and shows to see other actors perform. Seeing rappers become A-List celebrities is incredible to me.

When I was coming up Hiphop was still just breaking into Hollywood with casting rappers like 2Pac, Ice Cube and Ice T in major roles. It has come along way since the early 90s for sure and I want to study acting and performing arts. We never too old to try it’s us that procrastinate and wait to the last minute to do the things we really want to do in life.

Your listeners also want to know about your social media endeavors, what made you decide to get into the marketing business and how long did it take you to build your network?

I started to see the benefits of social media about a year after I built my Instagram page The Quantum Plane. That was in 2019 while I was still living in Thailand prior to traveling to Amsterdam then moving to UK a few months. My IG opened doors of opportunity I wouldn’t of imagined which gave me a chance to experience better moments than I was able to afford I’ll say.

Had some great living and driving experiences for sure but financially as an influencer I wasn’t making much money. Got to live in Villas, mansions, fancy hotels, drove luxury cars for days to weeks at a time including  Maseratis and Porsches, both of which i couldn’t afford to buy so I decided to focus more behind the scenes and on the business side of social media. That’s what brought me into digital marketing and brand development.

I discovered a way to help others reach some of the results I was getting on my account as well as created services and a network of real individuals that way I could direct traffic to my client’s profile, music or projects they was working on for an increased engagement rate. From building my Instagram account in 2018, becoming an influencer in 2019 and getting into digital marketing solely by 2020. It was a fast paced process for me that I had to get used to.

That’s what led to my 2021 hiatus from social media. I’m just now building my way back into the world of social media and stepping onto the scene again. This time I bought an arsenal and toolkit with me known as INFLEWNSE, my digital brainchild.

That’s an astounding story and I’m sure that’s only a small portion. I want to ask what is the definition of INFLEWNSE and what is your mission?

INFLEWNSE stands for Influencers Networking for Financial Leadership, Emerging Wealth, and Naturally Sustaining the Economy. Our mission statement is imprinted in our name and that’s exactly what we plan to do.

You have grown up near the Great Lakes in Michigan but your Instagram doesn’t show many photos or videos at home, is there a reason?

Yes, I moved from Detroit back in 2011  for the first time for a few years then I went back to stay for about 2 years before officially moving in 2016 to Dallas,  Texas, and then Thailand. During those times I didn’t have an Instagram, I only had Facebook so all my old pictures was on there.

I didn’t make my IG until I was living in Thailand in late 2018. Since then I’ve been traveling to different places and haven’t been posting much on my page at all but I intend to get back to interacting on my page and posting content.

You mentioned earlier that you was inspired by Jadakiss and Bow Wow growing up I believe, as I was checking through your instagram I noticed that you have both of those artists on your page. I seen that they have both commented on some of your posts before as well as others such as Trick Daddy, Benny The Butcher, Neyo, Almighty Jay, I even seen DC Young Fly on your last post as well as Roc Nation producer Beat Billionaire. Have you recorded any music with any of them or have you done any work for one of their Social Media?

I haven’t recorded any songs with none of the artists you’ve mentioned that you seen on my page but who knows what’s in store for the future and as far as doing any work for them on social media, I wouldn’t be able to say yes or no even if I did do work for them.

The Journey To Empowerment: Our Full Interview with The Quantum Plane
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The Journey To Empowerment: Our Full Interview with The Quantum Plane

I have worked with artists and celebrities behind the scenes of social media but I’m not saying it was any of those artists. At least one of the people you named I actually consider as a friend and he’s been checking on me and tuning in to my page since the beginning.

Other than making music, what other activities do you engage yourself in?

Music is my first love and she was my everything but now I’m focused on a few things in life that I enjoy just as much like being out in nature, going to the beach, traveling, doing research, smoking weed and that list goes on too.

You spent a couple years of quality time in Koh Phangan, Thailand, how did  the ambiance of the island inspire your work, music and songwriting?

Thailand was a remarkable adventure that I would recommend for anyone looking to travel abroad. The energy of the island is powerful and very impactful. Koh Phangan is built on Rose Quartz and with the balance of the sun and moon it’s a magical life changing place.

It gave me the push I needed to start my IG in the first place as well as the marketing work. As for music I’ve always been inspired but living in another country gave me so many new ideas and topics to talk about. It opened my eyes and mind to much more that’s happening in the universe.

As an emerging artist, what challenges do you face?

There’s always the challenge of having the necessary finances and connections to get ahead. If it was easy everyone would be a rapper but the majority of us that’s not major artist that you hear on the radio or see on tour we have to either work or hustle to make ends meet let alone pay for studio sessions and video shoots.

So finding a way to make a name in the industry is a struggling point but it’s only one of many challenges. Building a fan base, getting verified, tour budgets (if you even have a tour to go on), etc.

What message would you like to leave for other emerging artists?

Never give up on your dreams. Always believe in yourself and know that you can make the necessary steps to get to where you’re trying to head in life.

Make the music that feels good to you and if you only have one fan be grateful for that and continue to bless them with your amazing talents by releasing your music. One day it could all change for the better.

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