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THATBOI Z continues to evolve in Hip-Hop

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THATBOI Z continues to evolve in Hip-Hop

ThatBoi Z was born to entertain and inspire people via music. His catalog of music is diverse and possesses an intricate mass appeal component.

Hip-Hop is a brutal game, and only the strongest and most innovative people survive. Every indie artist pursuing a career in music dreams of living ‘the life’ and securing their financial future. Creating music comes naturally to an artist because it constantly lights their eternal flame of passion. Performing live in front of sold-out arenas, screaming fans, autograph signings, worldwide tours, exotic cars, and unparalleled opulence. 

The bridge between dreams and reality is unconventional and requires a matchless adaptability skillset. Millions of artists enter the marathon of success, hoping for victory. The music industry is unlike any other business market. The high-risk and high-reward business model intrigues millions of people daily, but only a small fraction of them ascend to superstardom.    

Major Recording Artist ThatBoi Z’s career over the past 12 months has been on a turbo-speed level. Every 90 days That Boi Z has released audio and visual music projects. That Boi Z contains a rare ability to transform fantasy into visual reality for music enthusiasts. When you watch ThatBoi Z  on camera, your mind never stops imagining, fantasizing, or wanting more of his content.    

ThatBoi Z was born to entertain and inspire people via music. His catalog of music is diverse and possesses an intricate mass appeal component. 

ThatBoi Z launched his multimedia company Dark Suda Entertainment and secured the bag. In 2021, Thatboi Z is hyper-focused on winning championships and creating a musical legacy.    

ThatBoi Z is CEO of Dark Suda Entertainment and Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS.    

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Jonathan P-Wright is Chief Visionary Officer of RADIOPUSHERS and a freelance writer for multiple mainstream media companies. Jonathan P-Wright is a bi-coastal resident between Southern California and South Beach. RADIOPUSHERS creates digital alliances with emerging artists driven by an aggressive entrepreneurial spirit. The chief focus lies within sparking inspiration and fueling a timeless brand.


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