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“Stuck In Ya Wayz” is the Hottest New Single From Shurland Ayers

Shurland Ayers
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“Stuck In Ya Wayz” is the Hottest New Single From Shurland Ayers

Known for his pure music ability, Shurland Ayers is one of the industry’s most promising new artists. This Tokyo-based performer got his start in music not long after moving back from Trinidad to the states. After returning to the states, he began to mess around with beats on a replica of Fruity Loops, a popular music program, and he hasn’t looked back since.

His latest single debut on Spotify at the beginning of this year and is titled “Stuck In Ya Wayz.” The upbeat instrumental and Shurland’s unique flow made for a killer combination on the track. 

Stuck In Ya Wayz” sets the standard for what’s to come from Shuralnd Ayers. Expect to see great things from this up-and-coming artist soon.

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Stream “Stuck In Ya Wayz” on Spotify here.

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