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Rapper Lokey Bunny Shows the World a New Side of Music

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Rapper Lokey Bunny Shows the World a New Side of Music

The recent NFT boom has helped artists all over the world, enabling them to reach attractive new prospects through a distributed worldwide audience while avoiding the old intermediaries of the mainstream music industry to create a direct relationship with their collectors instead. Furthermore, the opportunity to mint their work as NFTs has given artists unparalleled digital property rights, alongside blockchain-enabled smart contracts allowing artists to reap pre-programmed and systematic royalties on any product revenue for their work through secondary marketplaces.

Lokey Bunny is a gifted hip-hop artist and one of the top talents taking over the metaverse. He is an independent rapper known for engaging other artists on the importance of owning a DeFI empire with hundreds of investors while owning properties in the metaverse. A sensational rapper, Lokey Bunny has served the industry with notable hits such as “Circles,” “Sus,” “Baby Fingas,” and “On Me.” He has also released a thrilling EP dubbed “Genesis,” a collection of exhilarating musical gems that have amassed thousands of views across various platforms. Lokey Bunny’s exceptional musical style and unparalleled lyricism have established a solid and fast-growing fan base.

Lokey Bunny became known in the entertainment scene through his YouTube passive income videos that went viral. These videos significantly impacted his YouTube channel, helping him grow over 34K subscribers and educating others on how to earn a passive income within the crypto space. Now he has turned his platform into an off-the-grid record label designed for investors to purchase a percentage of his music by investing in his platform. Additionally, investors receive 2.5% on merchandise, music, and more.

Lokey Bunny is now taking over the space with his Defi platform. He is the first artist in history ever to have a DEFI platform supporting his career in a way that cements his identity as an indie artist. According to Lokey Bunny, anyone can learn how to position themselves within the music industry or any industry by diversifying their income streams through DeFI.

Through Lokey Bunny’s writing, you can learn how to position yourself in a Web3 world where currency is now a digital number. Furthermore, more can be taught to others in the industry on how to separate themselves from a marketing perspective and become essentially ageless for generations of consumers. The ambitious rapper aspires to grow his DeFI platform to fully emerge in the metaverse. Many NFT projects will contain utility, and the business is set up to show other moguls within the crypto space how to legally fund their careers by turning investors’ liquidity into a gold mine with creative talents like himself. The brand will be fully peer-to-peer with digital consumer sales, tickets, and more. The idea is to showcase full transparency in the process and help artists create wealth from their craft. To Lokey Bunny, the goal is to show the world a new side to music and a new way of business.

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