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Plush New Music from Ellyn Woods & King Hannah

Plush New Music from Ellyn Woods & King Hannah
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Plush New Music from Ellyn Woods & King Hannah

Ellyn Woods Delivers Orangish Blushes on “Tangerine”

On her debut single, “Tangerine,” Montreal-based indie-pop artist Ellyn Woods conjures up similitude to Billie Eilish, only in the sense that they’re both so atypical. Their music is utterly unique. They don’t sound like anyone except themselves.

“Tangerine” rolls out sonic colors blending savors of dream-pop with electro-pop, with tints of cashmere R&B textures tossed in for relish. Hushed, slightly chaffing, and pensive, Ellyn’s inimitable voice imbues the lyrics with tantalizing wisps of the butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling preceding a pristine threshold.

Ellyn’s floaty vocals muster echoes of Beth Orton on the verses, shifting to buff lustrous coloration on the chorus.

“Tangerine baby / It’s not yes it’s maybe / Soft subtleties / Tangerine.”

Ellyn explains the song’s genesis, “‘Tangerine’ started as a poem. I wrote it while I was in a studio in Montréal, working on vocals for another project. I was sitting on a vintage couch waiting to record my part and there was an odd orange light above me. This unique environment provided the inspiration for this track.”

Although Ellyn has released previous singles, as well as collaborations, “Tangerine” is her first track since hooking up with indie outfit House of Youth, which will issue her forthcoming EP sometime in the near future.

Citing influences such as Maggie Rogers, Sylvan Esso, and Men I Trust, Ellyn’s initial inspiration was Avril Lavigne, whose nonconformist image and music made a massive impact, motivating Ellyn to learn guitar and start writing music.

Luxurious with low-slung posh surfaces gliding on rippling colors, “Tangerine” was captured in one take. Bathe yourself in the orangish illumination of Ellyn Woods’ swish music.

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King Hannah
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King Hannah Simmers with Passion on ‘Crème Brûlée’

UK-based dream-pop/shoegaze duo King Hannah recently released their debut single/music video, “Crème Brûlée,” a song redolent with the twosome’s tremendous potential.

Made up of Hannah Merrick and Craig Whittle, King Hannah’s unique style of dream-pop recalls Mazzy Star merged with smoky hints of Sharon Van Etten.

‘Crème Brûlée’ opens on softly gleaming guitar textures, like low-slung vibrations from a spider’s web, riding a light gliding rhythm. Hannah’s pensive voice, drifting and languorous, imbues the lyrics with imminent mystery. Chock-full of pressing, haunting savors and residual energy, like ozone smelling mists, her timbres hover almost elusively in the air, as if suspended.

“I need you / So bad / I need you / So bad / And I think I like you / Too much / Wanna do something about it?”

Accompanied by a documentary-styled video shot in black and white, the visual flow mirrors the slow meandering current of the music.

Talking about the video, the duo says, “We couldn’t be more excited to share with you our first-ever music video, for our debut single, ‘Crème Brûlée!!!’ We shot and edited it ourselves across Liverpool and North Wales (spot the Welsh flag!) with the aim to create a homemade, documentary-style piece inspired by the indie films we love. We really hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!”

With “Crème Brûlée,” King Hannah delivers simmering dream-pop rife with compelling lingering washes of ethereal colorants.

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