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PAX Japonica Groove Continue Their Futuristic Sonic Journey With “Feel Me”

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PAX Japonica Groove Continue Their Futuristic Sonic Journey With “Feel Me”

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Pax Japonica Groove premiere their latest single, “Feel Me,” a sophisticated blend of electro-textured elements into their now famous sonic signature. The man behind Pax Japonica Groove (Peace From Japan), Shuhei Kurosaka, has been topping the charts in Japan for years now, and it seems that “Feel Me” is on the right track to gaining significant popularity all around the world.

The production is flawless, as the gorgeous vocals delivered throughout transport listeners into a space-like experience Kurosaka seems to have strategically honed for our greatest pleasure.

His previous project, “Wobble Tokyo,” also included the futuristic elements that made his reputation, and “Feel Me” is the ideal artistic evolution from this highly inspired producer.

15 albums and 18 singles later, Pax Japonica Groove’s Kurosaka proves to the EDM community it is still possible to create new concepts, ideas, and musical visions that stand tall on their own, and restlessly focus on the new rather than serve us another version from the old. Deeply inspiring stuff!

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