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Oakland’s Fortune Delivers Therapy In His Music

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Oakland’s Fortune Delivers Therapy In His Music

Rap music has gotten its fans through some of the toughest of times. All too often, you hear stories of people being on the brink of a bad situation and being saved out of that by listening to their favorite lyricist. For fans who use music as therapy, Oakland based artist Fortune Noco is the perfect antidote. 

Fortune Noco has been making music and taking care of himself pretty much his whole life. That strong world view has added depth to his music that cannot be found without life experience. He gets personal on songs such as “Limitless” and “Vertical Ascension”, both songs from his May 2022 release, “Big Moves”. It’s his ability to touch on subjects in a vulnerable way and still make his music playful that makes his music something the world is missing. Just one Fortune Noco song can change the trajectory of an entire day for the listener. Currently Fortune Noco is working on his debut studio album, as well as writing, producing, and engineering for his close associates back home.

Listen to Fortune Noco on Spotify below and get ready for new music from the Oakland rapper

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