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Chico Viko brings us on a musical rollercoaster with his newest single

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Chico Viko brings us on a musical rollercoaster with his newest single

Coming strong after his first release that got to 100k+ streams on Spotify without even having an audience, Chico Viko plans on vibing with us for a long time after releasing Rollercoaster. You have to listen to this one. I mean it.

Rollercoaster is the perfect mix between pop/neo-soul, with powerful vocals that dance around the whole track pushing harmonies and melodies on a whole another level. The thing that makes it even better is – Chico Viko does all his background vocals which we can notice a lot in this song.

This song is about the pursuit of love, hence the title “Rollercoaster” by which Viko means that love will always be full ups and downs, and that is normal. Lyrics are full of witty sentences, wordplay, strong messages, easy to listen and the most amazing this is the way the hook is sung, it makes you visualize an actual rollercoaster! The official idea of writing Rollercoaster is actually a true story, a momentum that happened between Viko and a girl that resulted in a full song. Metaphors, slangs, beautiful word choices sung by Chico Viko’s beautiful rusty vocal – is all you need right now.

The choice of instruments is really modern and appropriate and the whole arrangement is just a cherry on top. The song is produced by his friend Temelko Andreev, that continuously believes in his music.

It’s creatively done, it is unique, the whole song just gives a special vibe stating that it will be played for a long time.

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