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New Dream-Pop To While Away the Time

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New Dream-Pop To While Away the Time

ЭЛЕКТРОЦОЙ – “Навсегда”

Hailing from Arkhangelsk, Russia, soviet wave-new wave-retro wave-post-punk duo ЭЛЕКТРОЦОЙ, which translates to Electrotsoy, recently released a new single, “Навсегда,” aka “Forever and Ever.”

Other than the fact that they dish out creamy, delicious mists of dream-pop music, there is little gen on the twosome. The track opens on glittering, jangly guitars riding a fat, rolling bassline and tight, crisp percussion. The ethereal female vocals infuse the lyrics with wistful textures, as well as elusive, quixotic wisps of recollection.

Orchid Mantis – “Within and Apart”

Atlanta-based dream-pop/slowcore artist Orchid Mantis dropped a new album, entitled Far From This World, not long ago.

Orchid Mantis is the brainchild of Thomas Howard. According to his Bandcamp page, Thomas describes his music as “found sounds, tape collages, and pop songs about forgetting.”

Featuring 14-tracks, from a purely subjective viewpoint the crème de la crème track on the album is “Within and Apart, followed by two other stellar tracks, “Even In Dreams” and the title track. Although with hesitation, the entire album is wonderfully wrought.

Shimmering layered guitars open “Within and Apart,” flowing into a coruscating lo-fi bedroom melody at once luminous and glittery. Finessed yet effortless percussion imbue the tune with a pulsing-lite cadence.

Questioning lyrics delve into the age-old mystery of trying to make sense of life.

“Where’d the days go / When did the nights get so long / Time moves slow / On my own.”

Meeping – ‘Rainbow Theory’

Portland, Oregon’s post-punk outfit Meeping, released their Rainbow Theory album on December 4.

Made up of Rachel Zakrasek (vocals, guitar, synth, violin, piano), Julia Mahncke (lead guitar), Jake Pettit (bass), and Daniel Baltazar (drums), Meeping’s sound blends elements of dream-pop, alt-pop, post-punk, and surf rock into light lustrous songs.

“Mad At My Friend” articulates Meeping’s low-slung sound, rolling gently on shuffling drums and an extended bassline, all capped by Rachel’s unique voice, round and translucent.

“I don’t really know what’s wrong / What I’m doing / Why it feels so wrong / To be mad at you.”

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