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Music Video Premiere: The Dirty Moogs Unveil “Hot Moms”

The Dirty Moogs
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Music Video Premiere: The Dirty Moogs Unveil “Hot Moms”

Boise, Idaho-based synth dance outfit The Dirty Moogs introduce their new music video, “Hot Moms,” a tribute to parents, i.e., the hot moms and cool dads raising kids and being responsible, while still finding time to have some adult fun.

Made up of Brenton Viertel, Will Gillett, Pete Thomas, Jared Hallock, and Ryan Donahue, The Dirty Moogs formed in 2010. Their sound encompasses pop, Krautrock, alternative, psychedelic, dance, punk, and electronic elements.

Brenton Viertel told Tracy Bringhurst of the Boise Weekly, “We’re basically an amalgamation of Kraftwerk, Sparks, and Devo. those are just the bands we love, and we wanted to make fun music — that’s also not too serious.”

Like many other of their songs, “Hot Moms” fits in with The Dirty Moogs’ vibrant sound and humorous lyrics.

According to the band, “We worked hard to move away from showy music and not be separate from the audience. We want them to have a shared experience with us. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and want to have fun, but we put in work on the music.”

“We take the music really serious with The Moogs,” said Viertel, “but not ourselves seriously.”

“Hot Moms” opens on shimmering layers of synths riding a crunching rhythm. Simultaneously psychedelic and full of new wave flavors, the song thrums, oscillates, and percolates. Affected vocals, ranging from cool and melodic to whispered textures, imbue the lyrics with husky timbres.

“Hot moms / Cool dads / Cool shirts / So rad / And hot moms / Downtown / At the bar / Kids in the car.”

The video depicts images of parents doing parental stuff, like changing diapers, washing baby bottles, and doing laundry ad infinitum. Yet at the same time, the visuals remind viewers that perspective is everything and life is wonderful with the right attitude.

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