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Music Video Premiere: Harper Starling Unveils “Snow Cone Christmas”

Harper Starling
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Music Video Premiere: Harper Starling Unveils “Snow Cone Christmas”

Singer-songwriter Harper Starling introduces her new single/music video, “Snow Cone Christmas,” a song about counting down the days until Christmas.

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Harper always knew she would be a performer, even though she was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. She’s charted multiple times on Billboard’s Dance Chart, including her number 1 hit “Euphoria.”

Harper has worked with The Jackie Boyz, The Perry Twins, and Kasia Livingston, along with being featured in LA Weekly, LA Times, Billboard Magazine, Buzzfeed, iHeartRadio, The Hollywood Reporter, and Teen Music Insider. She has performed at Avalon Hollywood, The Abbey, The Viper Room, Molly Malone’s, LA Pride, and San Francisco Pride.

Written by Cindy Valentine and Harper Starling, “Snow Cone Christmas” was produced by Cindy Valentine and Gemini Muziq, as well as co-directed by Cindy Valentine. The video depicts Harper draping her home with Christmas decorations while she waits for her boyfriend to arrive in his Santa costume. The real Santa shows up and, well … you have to watch the video.

Riding a thumping upbeat alt-pop rhythm, “Snow Cone Christmas” rolls out on sparkling colors percolating with tasty layers of sound. Radiant harmonies give the tune delicious soft textures as Harper’s rich buoyant voice imbues the lyrics with tantalizing timbres.

At once vibrant and alluring, the highlight of “Snow Cone Christmas” Is the deliciously posh voice of Harper Starling.

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