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Music Premiere: Meresha Captivates on “Hawai’i”

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Music Premiere: Meresha Captivates on “Hawai’i”

Singer-songwriter, performer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer Meresha unveils her brand-new track, “Hawai’i,” celebrating the island paradise.

“Hawai’i” follows on the heels of Meresha’s previous hits, including “Enter the Dreamland” and “Red Headed Lover,” which charted on Billboard, along with her 2020 album, Look How Far, while her EP, Enter The Dreamland was named one of the Top 20 Albums of the year by AllMusic, calling it “smart, effervescent, forward-thinking, progressive pop.”

As well as winning MTV’s ‘Freshman’ competition, Meresha has shared the stage with Marshmello and Adam Lambert, performed at the SunFest and GovBall festivals, and worked with major brands such as Casio, Shure, Adobe, Citibank, Crocs, and Live Nation.

Behind the scenes, Meresha works with other artists as producer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and vocalist. But where she excels is out front, singing, and dancing.

The upcoming video depicts Meresha stuck in an office, sitting behind her desk, a captive of 9 to 5 humdrum. Breaking free, she takes off to Hawai’i, where she dons shorts and a tube top to dance on the beach, followed by sitting by the pool sipping a refreshing drink while talking with friends. Eventually, she scales a volcano where she once again dances, watches surfers, and sits on top of the world.

“Hawai’i” opens on an irresistible rhythm, blending hints of EDM with potent pop flavors. Brass accents top percolating colors as Meresha lets loose her velvety, vibrant vocals. Lush backing harmonies give the tune tropical dimension and cool nuances.

Bubbling, horn-filled breakdowns shift the harmonics and then ramp back up to vivacious, alluring levels. Embellished by impressive choreography, the combination of upbeat music and energizing momentum delivers an out-of-this-world audio experience.

Meresha has it going on! “Hawai’i” pumps out captivating momentum and effervescent pop flavors, all capped by Meresha’s spellbinding voice.

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