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Music Premiere: Mama Said Unveils Grand “Diamonds & Cigarettes”

Mama Said
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Music Premiere: Mama Said Unveils Grand “Diamonds & Cigarettes”

Northern California-based female-fronted rock outfit Mama Said introduces their brand-new single, “Diamonds & Cigarettes,” a track lifted from their forthcoming debut album, Change in the Weather, slated to drop spring 2022.

Co-written and produced by Jim McGorman in Los Angeles during the start of the pandemic, “Diamonds & Cigarettes” blends retroelements of ‘70s and ‘80s classic rock with early ‘90s rock. Made up of Derek Bromley, Jennifer Knight, and Latifa Reeves, Mama Said summons up memories of Heart crossed with The Pretenders.

Talking about the song, guitarist Derek Bromley shares, “Who’s been there—the unlikely love that shouldn’t work for so many reasons, yet somehow does, for now. The tension of our own past “opposites attract“ relationships was the inspiration behind this song. Lyrically, we had fun exploring the unlikely combinations and the visuals they evoked—love by a thousand cuts, dancing on quicksand—the joy/elation/fulfillment undercut by the unstable foundation, sense of foreboding, and deeper knowledge that this won’t likely work. Instrumentally, the blues-based lead lines create and release tension over an otherwise pop-oriented arrangement, building to the atmospheric bridge which provides a moment of bliss, before resolving.”

“Diamond & Cigarettes” opens on a delicious melody composed of gleaming accents, a thrumming bassline, and washes of undulating rock coloration – smooth and alluring. Tight, finessed drums give the rhythm a luscious cadence. Jennifer Knight’s sensuous, crème de la crème voice imbues the lyrics with silky-smooth textures as soft, radiant harmonies add depth and dimension.

A shimmering breakdown, rippling with lush harmonies, and Jen’s exquisite voice leads to a delectable climax, flavored with glistening guitars and sumptuous vocals.

Mama Said has it going on! “Diamonds & Cigarettes” offers scrumptious layers of rock topped by the bravura voice of Jennifer Knight.

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