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Marcoahz Offers Funky Vibe On ‘Urbano’

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Marcoahz Offers Funky Vibe On ‘Urbano’

Growing up in Spain, musician and songwriter Marcoahz was exposed to many different styles of music. The now UK based creative made his initial appearance back in 2020, releasing a handful of singles back to back. 

Marcoahz’s most recent release ‘Urbano’ offers a unique listen to start to finish. The track blends elements of Hispanic music with 

elements of hip hop, driven forward by aggressive bars, trumpets, and what sounds like live drums. The single has seen streaming success, amassing thousands of plays across platforms. 

While Marcoahz hasn’t released music in a couple of years, he did tell us that he plans on releasing more music soon. 

For now, you can check the links below for more info about the artist. 

You can listen to the track below: 

You can follow the artist here:

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