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Alex Panza Releases Upbeat Song BROKE GUY

Alex Panza
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Alex Panza Releases Upbeat Song BROKE GUY

BROKE GUY by the great Alex Panza brings a whole new feeling to his discography. This upbeat change in pace is the perfect beat for a summer drive with the windows down. As we’ve heard a lot from Alex Panza, this beat is a perfect switch up as it holds so much energy and movement. With an upbeat, hyper sound to it, BROKE GUY is truly an amazing track.

Topping at his fourth most popular track on his Spotify top five, there is no question as to why it reached the spot that it sits in. This beat is really a huge point for Alex and his production as an artist. Recently, Alex hinted at new music being on the way and with all the songs we’ve heard so far from him, we can’t wait to see what’s next. His Spotify page is full of amazing beats to dance to, rap to, and just vibe to. He’s so good at creating and capturing a feeling. There’s no question that he’s blooming into a greater artist in just the span of two years. With hopefully more of this style on the way, BROKE GUY is a perfect track to listen to as we transition into the summer months of the year. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Alex Panza and see all of his great work for yourself.

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