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Dondorado is Set to Explode After the Release of “Only at 2:00am”

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Dondorado is Set to Explode After the Release of “Only at 2:00am”

Dondorado shows off his creative genius in his new EP “Only at 2:00am”. Dondorado has made quite a name for himself within the music industry, and he didn’t disappoint with his latest release. In “Only at 2:00am” Dondorado goes deep on relationships and shows his fans a side of him he has not yet displayed in his career yet.

The project contains 4 songs and has a run time of 11 minutes. All 4 songs are emotionally driven, and he raps about love, breakups, women, and rebounds. The songs are extremely catchy to the point that you will constantly have them on repeat.

It is music that you can listen to no matter the setting. You can listen to “Only at 2:00am” while riding in the car, working out, or chilling with your girl. His lyrical style is versatile and quite impressive.

Stream “Only at 2:00am” at the link below:

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