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Lukasz Komonski talks about his style, current project, and more

Lukasz Komonski talks about his style, current project, and more
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Lukasz Komonski talks about his style, current project, and more

Lukasz Komonski talks about his style, current project, and more
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Lukasz Komonski talks about his style, current project, and more

When did you discover your love for your craft and what made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in it?

From a very young age, I had a strong relationship with music, as my father was a guitar player and a member of a local band.

Music has always been a huge part of my life… I attended a national school of music for five years and every day after school I used to sit down in front of my little keyboard, playing and trying to develop some musical ideas I came up with during my school-day. Ever since I constantly cultivate my passion for being a Musician/Songwriter.

One day I thought to myself that I want to be successful, doing what I do for all of my life and so I decided to start sharing my passion with others… The positive feedback I got from my audience triggers me and inspires me to write better and better songs. It’s a great feeling…

To what or whom do you accredit your sense of style?

To be honest I never had a specific idol or person who directly inspired me to be the musician I am now. I listen to most genres of music and I`m equally impressed with the originality of all of them. I totally respect all artists dedicated to one style of music, but I never got inspired enough to follow anyone or to let someone inspire my productivity. I guess it`s a conglomerate of all my little inspirations…

On your current project, how did you come up with the concept?

“No More Fears” song is really inspired by my own hunger or determination to achieve more new goals climbing up the steep ladder of the music industry. It`s one of the most inspiring and treasured songs for me, as it reminds me of how important it is to be consequent on what I do and how important being a musician is to me…

It`s also a very emotional song for me, telling me I`m always in love with music and that energy I derive from people who love it.

What are some of your greatest challenges, and what is your greatest attribute when it comes to your work ethic?

I guess, one of the biggest challenges along the way is getting my music to be heard by a wider audience, I mean the times we`re live in makes it more difficult for artists, but on the other side, it gives us more tools to make it happen… By the love of music and my determination to grow bigger and bigger as an artist I get more courage to get out there and shout: Here I am people! And that’s the best attribute in my own belief.

Are you the best at what you do in your opinion?

To be honest I feel totally confident that my music has tones of potential to be on the very top of music charts but, I never considered myself as “the best of all” I feel it would be a great, confidence-building experience to compete against the ones who made it to the top but I wouldn`t consider myself to be the best just yet.

What are your plans for the near future?

Considering the challenging times we all live in now I am going to focus on writing and recording new material more than getting live shows and building up the live shows.

One thing I can promise is that I will continue to deliver the best quality songs coming straight out of my heart as this is my biggest passion in life. I want to see people deriving pleasure and getting inspired by my music. This is the biggest and strongest motor for my creation.

Lukasz Komonski talks about his style, current project, and more
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Is there anyone you’d like to thank, any shout outs?

Yes, absolutely!!! I wouldn’t be the artist I am now without support from the love of my life. The biggest shout out goes to my beloved fiance, and of course, my friends whose constantly supporting my musical way. Of course, I`d like to thank my parents who made me “music injected” from a very young age.

How can fans find you?

You can find me on:





What suggestions do you have for other artist like yourself?

I`m at the early stage of my musical career, but I want to say that passion and determination are the master keys to success. Just keep on doing what you do best and give it a little push every time to avoid routine. That’s my advice! Thanks for interviewing me!



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