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Louie Bello Rising Country Star with a Boston Accent

Louie Bello Rising Country Star with a Boston Accent
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Louie Bello Rising Country Star with a Boston Accent

When talking to Country R&B Singer, Louie Bello, about his aspirations and goals for becoming the next big Nashville star, what makes him stand out from the rest?

To start – his Boston accent! There are plenty of Country Singers in Nashville but, which ones have the personality, the drive, the story? In talking to the up-and-coming Country star, Bello, who comes to Nashville by way of South Boston, will show you that we can’t always judge a book by its cover.

Louie Bello didn’t grow up in a typical southern background where he was immersed in Country music regularly. Instead, he grew up singing on the street corners of Boston and landed on the dirt roads of Nashville honing his songwriting skills and crafting his country sound.  His initial music inspirations spanned Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra to Jonny Cash and Kenny Rogers.

Louie Bello Rising Country Star with a Boston Accent
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Louie Bello Rising Country Star with a Boston Accent

When it came time for Louie to find the right sound when he decided to pursue music, he could have gone into Pop. He sure has the voice for it. However, he has a love for storytelling and a good beat so, he decided to go into Country music.   He has since opened for artists including Dylan Scott, Hailey Whitters, Matt Stell, Tylar Far and Shane Profit, to name a few.

Another part that Louie Bello loves to add to his music is authenticity. Adding a soulful, R&B flair to his songs helps define his music and him as an artist. With his history in both worlds, it makes it fun and easy for him to find that balance. When it comes to his songwriting, Louie explains that he pulls ideas from all aspects of his life. Sometimes from his own personal experiences and other times from watching life around him.

Most times he’ll get a melody and come up with a chorus idea and then go to some of his writing partners and figure out which one of their production teams will take the song and make it sound the best. Sometimes the whole song can come to him right away and sometimes he’ll have the chorus right away and can’t figure the rest out for a month. The process varies.

Louie’s recent success comes shortly after the release of his new single “Yippie Ki Yay”, which hit over one million views on YouTube in the first two weeks and has hit over one million streams on Spotify and his follow-up single, “2 Percenter” which has seen almost a half a million streams on Spotify thus far.

As a former SONY ATV songwriter, Louie Bello’s songs have been played on major networks such as ESPN, MTV, and ABC. He has recently been taking the stage at various national music festivals including the Milwaukie Mile of Music, Red Gorilla Festival, and SXSW to name a few. In addition, he was chosen to sing in front of over a million people at the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which was aired on NBC Boston. He will be touring the US during the summer of 2023 promoting his upcoming EP. 

What does the future have in store for Louie Bello? If you catch him collaborating with Sam Hunt or performing with Breland one day, you’ll witness seeing some of his dreams come true, and we’re here for it! For the rest of 2023, however, you can keep up with Louie Bello on his website and social media to check his tour dates that are continuing to fill up where he’ll be promoting his upcoming EP dropping in May.


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