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Kyera’s mantra is “I’m not going to apologize.”

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Kyera’s mantra is “I’m not going to apologize.”

Kyera’s mantra is “I’m not going to apologize for my greatness.”

Kyera, a native of Shaker Heights, Ohio, currently resides in New York. She is no stranger to the entertainment industry. As an established television writer, she worked on hit shows such as “The Jamie Foxx Show,” The PJ’s” (starring Eddie Murphy), “Third Watch,” “My Wife and Kids,” and “Single Ladies.”

Kyera’s love of music has always been her passion. Kyera is a musician, songwriter, singer, and vocalist.  Her unforgettable sound is felt to the depths of your soul. Everyday sounds, from the ringing of a telephone – to a sweeping broom, translated into music and rhythm, inspiring her to sing and dance to the symphony surrounding her environment. She has recorded 4 previous albums, the first being an instrumental where she went by the name, “Bear.”

A composer by nature, Kyera never considered herself as a singer until a dear friend, a fashion designer, heard her singing and became teary eyed from the deep vibrato of her voice.

Kyera uses her voice and musical talent for humanity and not for self-glorification. Her song, “Passion,” channels her desire to open up the doors for others to live their best life.

“Passion” captures the essence of empowerment for humanity and not letting anything stand between you and your passion in life.

Kyera believes that the right producer is able to duplicate what an artist’s music is about and help flow power through their voice.  She found this connection with the legendary Narada Michael Walden who produced Passion.

About Narada Michael Walden:

As impressive a production and songwriting resume as Narada Michael Walden has assembled over the past thirty years and counting, he has earned equal acclaim as a recording and performing artist in his own right. Walden’s music includes groundbreaking soundtrack work on such blockbuster films as The Bodyguard, Free Willy, Beverly Hills Cops II, 9 ½ Weeks and Stuart Little to the EMMY-winning “One Moment In Time,” the theme to the 1988 Olympic Games.

Producing hits for artists as diverse as Aretha Franklin (including the platinum “Freeway of Love.”), Steve Winwood, Ray Charles, Wynonna Judd, Whitney Houston, George Michael, Mariah Carey, Barbara Streisand, Lionel Ritchie, Lisa Fischer, Stevie Wonder, Tom Jones, Jeff Beck and The Temptations, the Emmy and multi-Grammy winner (Producer, Album and Song of The Year) has been at the helm of hit music that spans decades. His music flows freely from pop, rock and soul, to the rarified realms of jazz, fusion and world music. Walden was an integral part of introducing Whitney Houston, (producing 6 of her 7 number one hits to break Michael Jackson’s record) and Mega-star Mariah Carey to millions of fans worldwide, producing and writing their breakthrough hits that first brought these divas to the spotlight. Billboard Magazine honored him as one of the Top Ten Producers of all time.

Alfred Munoz Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Licensed Real Estate Professional

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Muzique Magazine Alfred Munoz, is an American Army Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Advisor with over 20 years of experience in the Music Industry, Leadership, Management, and Branding.




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