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Kaile Goh on Utilizing the Creative Intersection of Form and Art

Kaile Goh
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Kaile Goh on Utilizing the Creative Intersection of Form and Art

The ability to master intersectionality within careers can be the key to becoming a leader within an industry. In a current era where the lines between music and media cross more than they diverge, it is essential to be both musically talented and comfortable in the public eye. Model and singer songwriter Kaile Goh has fully seized this opportunity given her industry experience and personal talents. After beginning her professional music and modeling careers at a young age, she became a mainstay in Disney, Target, Kodak, Mattel, and Sony marketing and signed a major record deal.

Though currently an independent artist she has continued to work on projects she hopes to release once she finds a producer. Kaile sits in a unique position as she possesses years of modeling and music experience. As the digital and social media age progresses, she is set to move forward with a variety of skills where many of her music or modeling counterparts do not.

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