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Juan Arango: The Laptop Lifestyle

Juan Arango
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Juan Arango: The Laptop Lifestyle

Having grown up in Medellin, Columbia Juan Arango always had the desire to be successful. When he was 6 years old, he and his family moved to the United States and lived in Connecticut, as well as New York. Having faced many trials and tribulations in his life Juan developed a passion for helping others. He didn’t quite know exactly how he was going to serve others yet, but he knew that was the route he wanted to take.

While attending college at the University of Coastal Carolina Juan discovered the world of online business. He was amazed at how much you could accomplish through a laptop and had an inner gut feeling this was the right path for him. While still in school he taught himself how to make money online through e-commerce, stocks, website designing, crypto, and buying and selling sneakers. After attending college, he quickly decided to leave his job in the financial industry to pursue his own dreams. 

Juan found a phenomenal opportunity to work at Everyday Success Team which would allow him to not only serve hundreds of people but build his own business as well. At EDST Juan focuses on helping artists, brands, and entrepreneurs with innovative services such as social media growth, press/article features, algorithmic Spotify streams, radio spins, and so much more. 

When Juan is not helping people build their own online brand, he is helping people feel more confident and beautiful about themselves. He recently opened Sense Esthetics Medical Spa in Port Chester, NY. Juan truly has a passion for helping others and with his drive and dedication, there is no telling how many lives Juan can impact.

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