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Josh Scott Music is A Country Music Phenom

Josh Scott Music
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Josh Scott Music is A Country Music Phenom

Country music sensation Joshua John Scott, aka Josh Scott Music, has elevated his craft with his latest body of work. Growing up in Tucson, Arizona, Josh Scott Music found himself gravitating towards country music ever since he was a young man. His mother and father both worked in local bars in the area so there was not a day that Josh Scott Music was not surrounded by a jukebox, pool table, and country music. These moments as a kid molded the love for country music within Josh Scott Music, and he envisioned himself as a star since he was young. He prides himself on making real country music and feels that over the years country music has lost the touch it uses to possess. He finds inspiration for his music from the legends that he grew up listening to, like Ray Herndon, Travis Tritt, and George Strait. 1996 CMA artist of the year Ray Herndon is actually a major part of Josh Scott Music’s success. After hearing him perform live he took a chance on Josh Scott Music and has been helping him perfect his sound ever since. Ray Herndon does a significant amount of production work for Josh Scott Music and has been a tremendous mentor/friend to him throughout his career.

Back in 2011, Josh Scott Music got his start as an artist and rapidly rose to global stardom. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, Josh Scott Music was forced to take 9 years off after losing both his parents and starting a family of his own. Josh Scott Music finds the inspiration for his lyrics from his past trials and tribulations and current events. Having gone through such trying times he has a wealth of knowledge that he is able to express through his lyrics to help others live better lives.

Josh Scott Music has a plethora of music that he is eager to release for his fans throughout 2022. He is currently finishing up 8 songs at the moment that he anticipates will be released within the next 3-4 months. His intent with this new music is to give his fans a deeper look into his past, and touch upon the recent struggles we have all been dealing with. 2022 is going to be a massive year for Josh Scott Music as he looks to take back his reign as a top country music artist in the industry.

You can stream Josh Scott Music’s new body of work on Spotify and be sure to keep up with his new announcements through Instagram.

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