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“Went Federal” Brings Out Aggressive Lyrics From Sithlord Chamba

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“Went Federal” Brings Out Aggressive Lyrics From Sithlord Chamba

Miami-based Rapper, Sithlord Chamba is a rapid-rising new voice in the Rap scene, specifically within the City’s current popular ‘smooth-sound.’ Sithlord Chamba is doing everything he can to rise to the top, with an already developed style, sound, and look all of his own. He feels he has no need to chase the current trends or imitate those who might be more successful but nowhere near the same skill-set.

His latest drop comes in the form of a single titled “Federal. The track shows Sithlord Chamba’s fiery passion for the craft, blended with his exciting flow and street experience. Off just a single listen, fans will see why Sithlord Chamba is here to stay and a soon-to-be household name. Quick comparisons include The Weeknd and Don Tolliver, but the Miami-native wants to show he’s in a lane of his own.

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