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Jaime and Franniethefirst Team Up on Banging “Free”

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Jaime and Franniethefirst Team Up on Banging “Free”

Drummer, producer, and sound designer Jaime, aka Joe Styppa, links up with Franniethefirst on “Free,” released recently.

Vis-à-vis the complex struggle of “being real” in a world pervaded by curated social media, “Free” probes the intricacy of not hiding behind ill-advised self-expression and fake self-confidence.

Working and living in southern Germany, Jaime writes and records music that eschews categorization, merging elements of rap, future bass, and R&B, along with other leitmotifs, into scrumptious sonic confections, at once distinctive and suffused with genuineness.

Fusing his rasping voice with potent drums, percussion, and mobile synth coloration, Jaime’s unique music dispenses magnetic waves of surface hues, traveling on emotionally inflected patterns – music best defined by the phrase “urban deluxe.”

Collaborating with a variety of friends and other artists on his debut album, Jaime takes the special gifts of each contributor and permits them to inject their own panache.

Attending one of Jaime’s live shows pulls listeners into a milieu defined by brawny rhythms, dazzling percussion, and vocals imbued with lush, powerful essence.

Riding a muscular alt-trap rhythm as lustrous waves of synth colors glide overhead, “Free” rolls out on a throbbing cadence, while the voices of Franniethefirst and Jaime infuse the lyrics with tight and right flows bristling with infectious rhymes.

Showcasing captivating drums and percussive pulses supporting iridescent spiraling coloration, the tune hums with interrelating surfaces and hefty palpitations, forming a swanky banger.

“Free” demonstrates the genius of Jaime, melding intoxicating alt-trap with superior vocal flows.

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