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Irina Garasymiv’s “Vintage Culture” feels like a blast from the past

Irina Garasymiv
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Irina Garasymiv’s “Vintage Culture” feels like a blast from the past

“Vintage Culture,” Irina Garasymiv’s latest single, is a danceable piece of music. The song’s upbeat and feisty tone will appeal to those who like dancing and having a good time at parties. Despite the fact that this is a new genre for Irina, her fans appear to enjoy it.

As a model, Irina had to travel to several locations and meet a diverse spectrum of individuals. On her travels, she’s seen a lot of musicians and heard a lot of various kinds of music. She is presently based in Los Angeles. As a result, going to parties is just like any other Tuesday night for her. As a result, she desired to accomplish something enjoyable for her audience.

The song “Vintage Culture” changes the mood of the party from drab to frenzied. As soon as the music begins, there is no room on the dance floor since everyone is already up and dancing. We are confident that after hearing it, you will do the same.

Check out Irina’s music on Spotify:

Her Instagram page may be found at @irinagray

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