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Interview with bilingual singer-songwriter Lizzie Blazquez

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Interview with bilingual singer-songwriter Lizzie Blazquez

Lizzie Blazquez is a bilingual singer-songwriter, and accomplished musician currently performing around the nation. Her music and performance are regarded as “a fresh face, with a strong heartbeat, and an emotional core of musical talent that can’t be missed”. Lizzie Blazquez is the new breed for the music industry with her in your face pounding approach and her songwriting skills.

 Is there anyone you would like to thank?

I want to Thank God before anything for everything he has done for me and my career and, I want to thank all the people he put on my road that has helped me to keep working and continue with my work.

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?

First of all, “Never Give Up” Keep working even if things are not going as fast as you would like, also mistakes are part of the process. And the most important thing is to Get a lawyer you trust to help you send your music to labels.

If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry what would it be?

I think there needs to be an entity that can really work and be effective to protect the artist and the artist’s work if we can have a real trusted place where they can go directly to showcase their music and their art would be great for all of us.

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Today’s music seems to be about collaborations with the “hottest” artist out. Who would you want to work with on a project? And why?

There are so many, Drake, Because I like his music, Miguel, is a Great Singer, Jbalwin, love his style, Lionel Ritchie, He is a classic and a real singer-songwriter, etc.

What image do you think your music conveys and why did you choose this type of image for your music?

I’m really just being myself, I’m not trying to be someone I am not, and I know I’m not perfect, so I try to learn from myself and what I am and like more than following trends.

How do you feel about the present state of the music industry?

I feel it’s constantly changing for the better.

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What is your ultimate goal at the end of your career?

I just want to help and inspire people to keep dreaming and working on their goals, and to never lose hope, hope helps you to keep dreaming, to keep going, and believe there will be a better tomorrow.

What projects do you have in the making currently and what are your plans for the near future?

Now working on new videos and songs that I will release very soon. In the meantime please check and support my songs “Ouh Baby” my cover of “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan.

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Also my Spanish version of “Deep Inside Of Me” called  “Muy Dentro De Mi” is On Spotify and Apple Music etc., and please follow me I need a little support, I sing, I write all my songs, I do the music, I work in the production also with the producer, I also work on my vocals then I edit them with my sound engineer.

I do all my videos and also do the editing with my editor, it’s a lot of work as you can see but I love it and I love to share my art with the world, besides I also work and manage the business aspects with the help of my lawyer like licensing, contracts, etc. So that is why I’m asking for some support from fans and friends to help me share my music and get it out there.

Soon I’m also releasing something very special for everyone…I also think that in these times of confusion with everything that is happening around the world we can turn off the TV News and turn to the good things in life like nature, art like Music, Painting, dancing and we can find a little of peace in real art and what makes the world beautiful.

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Do you have other interest or talents you would like to share with us? How do you like to enjoy your relaxation time away from the music?

I like to dance, I enjoy dancing a lot and learning new dances and new styles every day, also I love parks, gardens, the beach, nature and to go on long walks is my fav.

How can potential fans find you?

Social Media: 


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