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Interview with Artist Carolee Rainey

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Interview with Artist Carolee Rainey

How did you first start making music where did it all begin?

From a very young age, music took me to a dreamy place that simultaneously felt safe and wild.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is a complex recipe of ethereal, rock, Americana, folk, blues.  You might see it on a specials menu at your favorite restaurant and think ‘wow, that sounds intriguing. I’ve got to try that!’

What’s next?

Soo much is coming up.  I used to be excited about sharing the new releases but that’s recently turned more urgent and dynamically intense as the current feeling has shifted like wanting to globally take my fans on a rural helicopter ride to show them these incredible forests that no one’s ever been to and share with them this otherworldly journey I’ve been on.

What is your songwriting process? How does it all come together?

My songwriting process is extremely intense! I envy writers that can get together and calmly discuss what they’re going to write that day.  I wait for ideas and melodies to come to me so I am an open vessel 24/7.  Because of this, I have terrible sleep issues! My stories and ideas are usually accompanied by some kind of haunting melody that blueprints the song.

What is your best moment as an artist so far?

My best moment as an artist came recently one morning when I woke up and found a napkin of lyrics with my handwriting on it laying the kitchen table.  I had absolutely no recollection of writing these lyrics the night before.  It was a stunning channeling experience and this song called ‘Anchor’ is on the upcoming album. Can’t wait for you to hear it!

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