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Heather Avalon Introduces Sexy “I Guess”

Heather Avalon
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Heather Avalon Introduces Sexy “I Guess”

Canadian indie singer-songwriter Heather Avalon releases her debut single, “I Guess.”

Explaining “I Guess,” Heather says, “This song is about sex – but more than just sex in the physical sense, it’s about the deeper emotional connection you can feel with your partner when you let each other in. When you surround yourself with people who are on the same level as you, mentally and spiritually, you can start sharing so much more than what shows on the surface level.”

She goes on, adding, “As someone who struggled with loving themselves for a long time, I know how hard it can be to look in the mirror and truly accept what you see. But, when I’m listening to ‘I Guess,’ all the self-doubt and hate that I once had for myself evaporates, replaced by control and power.”

As a small child, Heather discovered her passion for music while sitting at her grandmother’s 1921 grand piano, plinking the keys. Her mother, a jazz singer, taught Heather how to sing and record.

“I Guess” opens on lustrous, austere colors flowing into a thumping rhythm topped by creamy, sparkling accents. Heather’s sumptuous voice, tinged with sensual flavors and sighing edges, imbues the lyrics with voluptuous timbres.

Shimmering breakdowns, riding misty coloration, shift the harmonics prior to returning to luscious washes of low-slung yet captivating indie-pop savors, giving the melody lingering chromatic layers.

“You’re doing everything I adore / Got me on the bed screaming out for more … Everything you do, baby, is driving me crazy / Crazy.”

Luxuriously sexy, “I Guess” propels listeners into the idyllic realm of transcendent connection with another human being. Heather Avalon is an artist to keep an eye on. Her lyricism is grand, while her voice is crème de la crème.

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