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Grunge Fashion Basics – How to Easily Rock a Grunge Style?

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Grunge Fashion Basics – How to Easily Rock a Grunge Style?

Originally influenced by grunge music, the grunge fashion style has been a dominant fashion direction in the 90s. It was a style that has defined that period and the fashion at the same time, and now, after some time, this retro style is making its come back.

The new grunge style is the perfect combo between the retro vibes and the modern tones that blend into fashion garments that deliver unique outfits and appearance. With the great popularity that bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam experienced and enjoyed in the 90s, people started to ask and see the connection between the grunge music scene and fashion, and that is how the grunge fashion style began. Later, it was more than evident that it inspired a whole lifestyle and set of values for the youth of the 90s.

As a fashion style, the grunge subculture started in the late 80s, and it was a way of showing your rebellious side. The dressing was super casual and was not following some norm or a rule. It was characterized as a dark, bold, and edgy direction of fashion dressing. The 90s grunge fashion style was a new way of how to dress down. It was all about including distressed and tattered clothes, layering of jewelry, and messy and untidy hair. It was the time when the popular Doc Martens shoes and the ankle-length boots appeared on the scene and were a famous and desired fashion choice.

How to look and dress grunge?

Dressing grunge means that you are adopting, loving, and flaunting that style. One of the basics of the grunge style is dressing in leather and distressed jeans. It also incorporates the rock and metal elements and lots of different accessories. Some of the clothes that best describe the grunge fashion style and clothes are loose plaid shirts, frayed jeans, tights, shorts, and ripped pantyhose. All of that is worn together, without any particular match of style between them. Other very popular fashion pieces were the loose slip dresses and baby doll dresses in ripped stockings, cargo pants, music band t-shirts, and many more.

For all those who are looking to add a bit of grunge style or completely change their fashion style, Ninja Cosmico is your go-to place for the trendiest grunge clothing, shoes, and accessories.

To deliver the best possible grunge fashion style, these are the fashion garments that you simply must-have in your wardrobe:

Band T-Shirt

Having and wearing a band T-shirt is one of the easiest choices that you can go with for a grunge fashion style. This fashion garment is a direct link and representation of the original grunge style, just in time when the above-mentioned bands were popular and trendy. These types of T-shirts come with a straight, comfortable, and loose cut, making them easy for styling. As there really is no point in matching and styling the garments for the grunge look, you can wear this shirt as you like. Tie it to the side, tuck the front into your bottoms or just let it fall straight and add some grunge-inspired belt for a more feminine look. Whatever you do, the front band logo will be on the front and become a centerpiece.

Grunge Fashion Basics – How to Easily Rock a Grunge Style?
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Plaid Pants

The plaid pants are another must-have fashion garment that perfectly flaunts the grunge style. They can either be with straight leg or cargo pants, whatever you feel wearing. The plaid print is also a type of choice, so, you can choose between a bigger or a smaller print. As for the colors, whatever feels rebellious and edgy to you is a good and suitable choice.

High-waisted leather skirt

Short skirts have been a popular fashion garment in the 80s and 90s. For the new fresh vibe of the popular mini skirt, go with the choice that incorporated the leather and the high waist. It is both stylish and modern, and still keeps the grunge style on point, and delivers a pretty interesting and original look. The asymmetry of the cut and the added ruffle to the side is an excellent way to make grunge style fashionable, trendy and modern.

Distressed Denim Shorts

Just like the leather skirt, distressed denim shorts are a popular fashion choice in a grudge fashion style. Inspired by the 80s and 90s style, the shorts come as a popular bottoms choice, that is most commonly paired with ripped tights or printed tights. The shorts are present in the grunge style thought all the year and they are one of the fashion pieces that is a must-have in the grunge fashion style.

Checkered Print Leggings

Like the ripped tights, the leggings also come as a popular choice and a grunge fashion style option. The checkered print leggings hold one of the most popular prints in the fashion industry, with a note to the street style, rock style, and grunge style. This type of leggings can be worn under shorts, or with Doc Martens and a loose shirt.

Grunge chain jewelry

The grunge chained jewelry is the base of today’s modern style of layering necklaces. With different types of chains and pendants, the grunge chain jewelry is an irreplaceable part of everyday outfits. It goes excellently with crop tops, T-shirts, pleated shirts, as long as it is visible, dominant, and holds the grunge style.

These are some of the most popular and basic grunge fashion pieces that will be a great start for all those who want to try themselves into the grunge fashion style and experience the free, rebellious, casual, and relaxed subculture that is becoming even more and more popular with each year and change of season.


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