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Gilda Joelle Osborn: America’s Southern Sweetheart

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Gilda Joelle Osborn: America’s Southern Sweetheart

In four short years, Gilda Joelle Osborn, the girl next door from small town Alabama, went from attending her first model casting call in Miami to living the dream in NYC. Maxim magazine coined her as a “dreamy mix of beauty and brains,” which is certainly the case for this blonde beauty’s educational background.

She got a degree in psychology from Auburn University and a master’s degree in occupational from The University of Alabama at Birmingham. If that wasn’t enough, she decided to continue her education to pursue nutrition and wellness education through Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In her free time, Gilda loves to take pilates classes, cook, read, and travel. Today we had the opportunity to chat with her:

Hi, Gilda, Could you please tell us a little more about you?

Hi! I’m from a small town in Alabama. People from Alabama really do have that sweet, Southern hospitality demeanor, and I’m proud to be from there. It’s been a dream living in NYC for the past two years. It really is the city where anything is possible, and I’m grateful to call it home. I’m passionate about nutrition, fitness, and overall healthy living. I’m on the cusp of starting my nutrition/wellness business, Gilda Joelle Wellness. 

Could you please tell us more how you got into modeling?

I’ve always had the desire to pursue modeling, but it was important for me to finish my education before taking the chance. Long story short, during my final semester of my master’s program for occupational therapy, I did a three-month internship in Miami in 2015. In typical Miami fashion, I got really into exercising and healthy eating, so I decided to set up a few shots to start building my portfolio.

I graduated that December, and I moved back to Miami in early 2016, hoping to get signed. After hearing no after no from agencies, I was on the verge of giving up and moving home. I decided to go to one more agency before calling it quits. At that last meeting, nine months after moving to Miami, my first agency offered me a contract on the spot! The rest is history!

Do you have a favorite quote that you like to live by?

Yes, my favorite quote is “You know who’s gonna give you everything? Yourself.” -Diane Von Furstenberg

I’ve always loved this quote because it’s a great reminder that no one is going to work harder for you than yourself. Growing up in the South, I feel like I was raised to be a giver and doer, which is a great trait to have. I will say that many times I put other’s needs before my own, and I would end up unhappy with where that left me. It’s so important to make yourself a priority.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Never put the keys to your happiness in someone else’s pocket. 

Describe yourself in three words.

Genuine, outgoing, hardworking.

What’s your favorite way to spend a Friday night? 

My ideal Friday night is spent in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes, while listening to Fleetwood Mac. I always say that I get in a zone while I’m cooking. I discovered my love for cooking about five years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

While I love cooking just about anything, my most favorite way to cook is to “healthify” recipes. I’m a holistic nutrition educator, so I find much joy in working with recipes that are full of flavor but have a healthy twist.

That’s great that you love to cook and eat healthily, but what’s your favorite cheat meal?

Prince Street Pizza, my mom’s fried okra, and tiramisu.

What’s your favorite type of music to listen to?

I have quite a range of music that I love! I love to dance, so I love artists like Bad Bunny and J Balvin. I’m really into Fleetwood Mac, which is the ultimate feel-good music to me. Recently, I’ve been listing to Rüfüs Du Sol radio on Spotify, which is great, easy listening music. 

What’s your favorite travel destination? 

My favorite city is Paris. It’s such a romantic, charming city, the food is amazing, and I love getting lost in the streets. I also love Portland, Oregon. I love that their motto is “Where normal is weird.” It’s such a funky city with a lot of character, and the food scene is amazing. Actually, anywhere there is a great food scene, I’m going to be happy. 

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us!! Where can we follow you on social media?

Thank you for your time! My Instagram is: @gildajoelle



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