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Top 5 Funny Memes of Biiitchmood

Top 5 Funny Memes of Biiitchmood
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Top 5 Funny Memes of Biiitchmood

Memes are currently in trend. There are many different types of memes, for example, about animals, professions, fashion, people, etc. I’m sure each of us has seen a funny meme and sent it to friends. Many people recognize themselves in memes. You do one thing and think you’re alone, but memes can show you that there are people who think or act exactly like you.

The Instagram page Biiitchmood has been creating memes for 2 years and is one of the most popular meme pages in Germany. The owner of the meme page is 22 years old and has already reached over 10,000 followers in 1 month. At the moment the page already has 130,000 followers. One post reaches hundreds of thousands of users and most posts have over 20,000 likes per post. The owner of the page also earns money with paid posts. The success of the meme pages on Instagram is growing.

Here some tips to grow your Instagram Page:

– Post a picture every day where most users are online.

– Use 5-15 Hashtags

– Be unique and post pictures or videos with a good quality

​- Interact with your followers

– Use new Instagram features like reels to get on the Explorer Page

– Reply to every comment you get

– Ask Questions in your Captions

– Tag other Instagram Accounts or Locations

– Use your Niche’s Hashtags

Top 5 Memes:


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