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Exclusive interview with fitness model Eliza Watson

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Exclusive interview with fitness model Eliza Watson

We have been given the opportunity to interview the talented and successful fitness model, Eliza Watson. Eliza is an inspiring person that loves to spread the message of body positivity, philanthropy, and the benefits of fitness for mental health. In this interview, she gives us the truth, advice, and experience she has had with her fitness and mental health.

Why did you get into fitness?

“There was a time when I was scared of food and was fixed on the perspective ‘the less you eat the fitter you look’. I was doing a photo shoot at a gym once and I had noticed a coach that was training both women and men who were fit and muscular.

I was so intrigued, that I asked for advice from him and he told me to double in what I eat and rest more. That’s when I decided to educate myself and in a number of years, I saw the progress and I enjoyed fitness. It helped my relationship with food and my mental health.”

You went to Sri Lanka to help people with mental health. Can you tell us about your experience there?

“ I was 25 years old and studying psychology at university. I took the opportunity to do a placement and it was awesome. It opened my eyes to how different cultures view mental health. Even though there was a language barrier,  I was still able to lift their spirits through craft and dancing; it was a groundbreaking experience.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start fitness modelling?

“You just need to simply find a diet and training regime that is sustainable and healthy. Also, keep in mind that lighting angles will make a difference. In every shoot, you will look completely different. Try not to compare yourself to other pictures or models. Just start shooting right away and get in touch with photographers that you admire their work. That way you can build up your portfolio.”

Do you have any future shoots or projects that we should look out for?

“Since we are currently in a pandemic, all my future projects and photoshoots are on hold. I was supposed to go to America to do some shoots.”

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What have you learned so far whilst doing fitness modeling?

“The more comfortable I am with myself, the confident I am with my pictures. In order to have body confidence, you need to always love and appreciate your own physique.

I am shorter than other models and don’t have long lengthy legs, but that hasn’t stopped me from continuing my passion which is fitness modeling.  Don’t always pay attention to all photos on social media; the trick of these photos is lighting and angles.”

Is there a health myth that you wish to debunk?

“You don’t have to exercise every day in order to make progress since your body needs rest. You don’t need to go on some crazy diet, you need to ask qualified trainers and not fitness models – it’s all down to your body type, so seek a fitness professional for advice.”

It is great that you are doing photoshoots for body positivity. What has been your favorite so far? 

“It was a set of shoots that I did for a fitness app. For this app, it was over 100 videos of fitness exercises and a real workout routine that was filmed by a drone. It was challenging, but fun! I also enjoy doing beach bikini photoshoots, since I enjoy getting a tan!”

What kind of training did you need to do for tough mudder events?

“I have always stuck to the same regime. I usually do resistance training workouts and high intensity and I am much better at short bursts of energy. However, for tough mudder events, there’s a lot of running and it requires endurance. I was required to set myself up mentally and I had to step up endurance training too.”

What do you love about living in the UK?

“Where I live, there are so many people from different backgrounds, which creates diversity and I love that!”

What do you enjoy doing in your own time?

“I love going on nature walks, meditating and reading.”



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