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Etare Neged Is Taking His Fans on A Journey

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Etare Neged Is Taking His Fans on A Journey

Etare Neged is a talented creator and artist who was born and raised in Chicago. He got his start creating music in college when he stumbled upon an instrumental track that was playing from the basement of his duplex. At this moment he knew he needed to write music and that feeling has stuck with him ever since. He uses music as an emotional outlet which helps his fans connect with him on a deeper level. Etare Neged is known to channel a unique presence that leaves everyone wanting more. He explains he is not inspired by people, but by what does not exist. Etare Neged is able to fill the void left by the rest of the music. He went through a rough patch in life when he was diagnosed with cancer, and it changed the path of his life forever. After experiencing the pain and suffering of cancer, and having to learn how to eat, drink, talk, and rap again he is able to truly say there is pain in every word he says. This resonates with a lot of his fan base and shows everyone you can do anything you put your mind to.

Etare Neged started his own independent label, OverHorde Entertainment Inc., when he released his first solo project. His early experiences in the industry have caused him to question the loyalty of those in the industry and be wary of who he works with. With that being said, he has been able to find a group of like-minded individuals and create the collective Atlantis Army with whom he has released 2 albums. His struggle has also been a triumph and his greatest achievement as an artist has been being able to create a catalog that is unique and strays from the norm of what most artists do in the industry.

Etare Neged recently released “The Sound of Hell’s Winter” on February 2, 2022, which has already been a hit among his listeners. Etare Neged is now working on visual projects that he is planning to release this spring. After listening to his music, Etare Neged what’s everyone to be able to escape and see beyond their current environment. He wants his music to take people on a journey. Be on the lookout for upcoming projects from Etare Neged that are sure to entertain.

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