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Hip-Hop Artist Aidan Sowa Takes the Industry by Storm

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Hip-Hop Artist Aidan Sowa Takes the Industry by Storm

Establishing a career in the highly competitive hip-hop industry can be a very challenging journey for anyone who is relatively new to the business. Quite often, it is the passion of talents that compels them to pursue their dreams despite not having the support of big music labels, producers, and music executives. Thankfully, social and digital media have enabled promising hip-hop artists to produce their music and make it available to the public without having to put out a huge amount of money. In fact, independent music artists today thrive on various streaming platforms, all thanks to this generation’s exceptional technology. Entrepreneur Aidan Sowa is pursuing his own passion for being a hip-hop artist, and he is showing the world a new way of promoting and producing legendary songs that will stay for generations to come.

Aidan Sowa is the epitome of a multi-faceted artist who not only excels in songwriting and producing but is also equipped to market and promote his own creations. Undeniably, a lot of music artists today struggle in this area and often need help when it comes to branding and marketing. “More than being just a lyricist, I also took inspiration from producers like Dr. Dre, Jermaine Dupri, and others who were really pulling the strings behind the scenes,” Aidan shared.

As a thriving entrepreneur, Aidan believes in the value of being able to take control of the distribution, marketing, and overall engagement processes involved in developing a good brand. He sees the importance of artists also possessing an entrepreneurial mindset in order to survive in the music industry. “I think of the music industry as similar to the fight game, labels put 90% of effort behind their thoroughbreds, and 10% around new artist development,” he explained.

Present-day digital technology, if anything, has given big music labels and independent artists equal footing in terms of streaming and promoting albums and singles. Aidan sees an ever-changing transformation among various music platforms that any music executive and music artist ought to be particular about.

“Music platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and AppleMusic require specific engagements that I developed and tested on my own. I realized in some cases, the models that were used by certain labels were outdated. Leading artists nowadays are integrating cryptocurrency, NFTs as an integral part of their overall marketing strategy,” revealed Aidan.

Some years ago, nobody really thought that non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or cryptocurrency for that matter, would become a huge hit. But visionary entrepreneurs like Aidan Sowa have the ability to see potential in these possibilities and being able to leverage emerging trends and investment opportunities to excel as an artist makes a huge difference.

“An interesting strategy to leverage is offering NFTs in lieu of other checkout methods, giving fans the rights and license to the music to promote, leverage and reuse at their discretion. Through this methodical approach, artists can raise upfront liquidity which in the past was loaned out by the label, where artists would be incentivized to just work harder to earn more,” Aidan added. “Now, the industry is decentralized, giving authority back to the artist, which eventually will even the playing field.”

Aidan Sowa is not only taking the music industry by storm. He is also bringing with him a distinct business acumen he developed as founder and CEO of Sowa Marketing Agency, which will enable him to redefine the business in the near future.

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